Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


25. Chapter 24

Josh's POV 

"Did you get her?" i asked Jake, Kyle, and Aaron "yes we did boss we tied her up on a chair" Jake said "good now lets just wait for them to come its only 11:48 pm" a smirk played on my face and i put my disguise on 'let the games begin' i thought to myself while looking in the mirror.

Harry's POV

We finally made it to our old house when i looked at the house a lot of memories came flooding back to me.

*Flash back*

"Harry" lily moaned "yes?" i asked "your too tall c'mon give me back my headband" she whined "ok fine here you go you little baby" i joked "i am not a baby!" she yelled then laughed "what ever you say Lilypad" i joked then we kissed.

*End of flash back* 

"HARRY!" liam yelled "SNAP OUT OF IT!" he yelled again "im back im back" i said they all started looking at me with a worried eyes "ok lets go" i said and when we got to the entrance door i kicked it down and i saw josh and 2 guys other guys. "I thought you wouldnt come" he said 'wait that doesnt sound like josh' i thought to myself "your not josh" i said and this person just laughed 'who could this be?' i thought.

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