Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


24. Chapter 23

Harry's POV 

"What do you need to tell me?" i asked liam "harry look at this text" liam said really worried so i did as he told me, liam took his phone out and gave it to me and i started to read the message 'you will pay for what you all did me i will make your life miserable styles!' and i read the caller ID it was an unkwown number and my eyes widened and i looked at liam "harry its josh" liam said and i knew what he meant i gave the phone back to liam and speeded off upstairs yelling rosies name and when i got to my room i kicked it down and i found no signs of her "ROSIE!?!?!" I yelled and everyone came rushing in to my room "harry wha-" niall got cut off, of what he saw "harry what happened?" zayn questioned looking around my room "everything is ruined" i whispered and i got on my knees and cried and i felt liam beside me and started to comfort me "erm harry i think this is for you" nicole said looking at me with a worried eyes and i she held an envelope so i took it and i saw my name on it but i dont want to read it "louis can you read it?" i asked "sure" he said and took the paper off my hands and he opened it then he started to read it "COME AND GET US STYLES!" "erm harry heres rosies bracelet it was inside the envelope" louis said with a sad tone 'ohh dont worry josh i will find you and kill you now' i said to myself "were coming with harry" liam said "no liam this is my fight and i dont want you guys getting hurt!" i yelled "we'll rather die with you than stay here doing nothing!!" we yelled "do watever you want im going now" i said and i heard them follow and i started speeding off 'im coming for you rosie i wont leave you and i wont give up finding you i dont care if it takes a year ill do anything to find you ' i thought to myself and i felt a tear slip down my cheek.

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