Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


23. Chapter 22

Rosie's POV

Harry quickly pecked my lips then tickled me and i kept on laughing non-stop "HARRY STOP PLEASE I-I CA-CANT BRE-BREATH!!" i yelled while laughing "not until you say harry is the best" he said "HA-HARRY IS NO-NOT THE BEST!!" i yelled "hahaha really funny" he said sarcastically   "im still not going to stop not unless you admit it" he said still tickling "OK OK HARRY IS THE BEST!!" I yelled and thats when he stopped tickling and i can finally breathe and i looked at him and he gave me a playful smirk "now that wasnt soo hard now was it" he said while giggling and all i did was stick my tongue at him and he did the same as well then thats when liam came rushing in "hey sorry if interrupted can i talk to haz its really important??" he asked and harry looked at me "its ok ill wait for you" i reassured him "ok thanks babe" he said "your welcome" i watched harry as he left the room and i checked the clock its 10 pm 'wow it felt like its 8 pm' i thought to myself and just shrugged off and it was lonely without harry here with me so instead i just braided my hair to keep me busy but then i heard the bathroom door creak open and i looked behind me and i saw the the bathroom door a little bit open "harry is that you?" i asked but there was no answer so i came walking through the bathroom door little by little "harry this isnt funny cut it out" i said getting scared now and once i opened the door no one was there and when i turned around i saw 3 guys i tried to run but they caught me and they put a cloth on mouth then all of a sudden everything went black. 

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