Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


21. Chapter 20

Liam's POV

Once we heard harry asked out rosie we were soo happy for them, but im also worried because of Josh "OMG CONGRATS RO!!" i heard nicole yell and hugged both hazza and ro "now hazza if you ever hurt her imma kill the fudge out of you" nicole said pointing at harry and harry raised his hands in surrender "ok you love birds lets watch a movie" i said while laughing and looking at harry and rosie cuddling i felt presence of someone else like as if some ones watching us so i called harry over and he followed "hey hazza dont you feel like some ones watching us?" i questioned "yeah all of us do even rosie feels it" he answered and as i looked behind harry i saw a dark figure looking at rosie "hazza theres someone in the backyard looking at rosie" i said not taking my eyes off the dark figure and harry noticed that i wasnt looking at him so he turned around and his eyes widened and saw the dark figure looking at rosie, as the dark figure noticed me and harry were watching him he gave us a smile then just disappeared just like that. "harry im really worried now and that dark figure is josh " i said "same here you think he knows about me and rosie?" harry questioned "i think he does" i said concerned. 



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