Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


3. Chapter 2

Nicole's POV

I couldn't believe that Ro's here and that's what i call her for short. I haven't seen her in 7 years, she left to go see her family. "So how long have you been with your mysterious boyfriend?" Rosie said while winking, "We've been dating for 1 year" i said while blushing. "Do you mind if i ask what's his name?" she asked "His name is Naill, Niall Horan" i said very slowly "Ohhhh okie." Hours passed and were finally home it took like around 3 hours because of the stupid traffic.


Rosie's POV

We finally made it to Nicole's house it took hours to get to her because of the long traffic. When we got out of the car  saw her flat it was it was soo huge "wow Nicole you live in a wonderful house" i said surprised "well thank you hahaha" she laughed, she went and helped me carried my stuff and that's when we reached her front door. *DING DONG* the door suddenly swung open and there was a cute boy standing at the front of the door he has a blonde hair with an ocean blue eyes, "Hi you must be Rosie im Naill, Nicoles boyfriend" he said "Hi and ohh nice to meet you Naill" i said while giving him a polite smile "here let me help you with your bags" he suggested "ohh ermm thank you" i said "your welcome" he said giving me a smile while grabbing m bag. Nicole's place was huge, after they showed me my room and put my bags down they showed me around the house "I have to say you have a beautiful house" i said while looking around "thank you" Nicole said with a polite smile. 

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