Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


20. Chapter 19

Harry's POV 

"the stars are soo beautiful" she admitted then i looked at her "your beautiful" i admitted its true shes beautiful like the stars "thank you" she said while blushing and i chuckled "your welcome" i smiled then i sighed "ro i need to tell you something" i said while looking at the stars then i felt her head looking at me now and i tilted my head then stood up, she did the same as well "what is it hazza?" she questioned "ro.." i paused then looked at her "ro i-i lo-love you" i stuttered 'god what did i just say?! gosh i wonder what shes gonna say' i thought to myself then i looked at her beautiful face and i saw a smile on her face "i love you too hazza" she smiled "you- you do?" i asked and she laughed and nodded her head 'yes' "yes hazza i love you" she repeated and looked at me deep in the eyes and i leaned over to her too and that when i felt he lips smashed into mines. I felt fireworks when we kissed but the 'awww's' interrupted us which made us stopped and looked over to where the lads and nicole were me and rosie blushed our cheeks off and i yelled "SHUT UP GUYS!!" I yelled and laughed at the same time then i looked over at rosie who was giggling "i think we should get back inside its getting cold out here" she said while rubbing her arms "oh erm here take my jacket" i insisted and took off my jacket "oh no its o-" i interrupted her "its ok ro remember im dead and were use to the cold anyways" i said reassuring her "oh ok thank you" she said with a smile "your welcome" i smiled back and after she was done putting the jacket on i took her hand and stopped her "yes?" she said with a confuse look "ro ive meaning to ask you this" i took a deep breath and said "ro will you be mine?" i asked "wait what?" she asked "will you be my girlfriend?" i repeated, her eyes widened and she gave me a smile and nodded 'yes' and said "yes i would love to be your girlfriend" she smiled and i so did i and i hugged her and carried her while spinning her around she laughed and i stopped and dropped her  down and i quickly pecked her lips. I felt the lads peeking through the couch and laughed.

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