Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


19. Chapter 18

Harry's POV 

Rosie gave us all a group hug then we broke it because its been 2 minutes since we've been group hugging "hey guys wanna go to the living room?" asked nicole and all of us nodded 'yes' so we just walked and sat on the floor "soo what do you guys want to do?" liam asked "lets have a drink" louis said "YEAH WE SHOULD!" everyone yelled so louis stood up and ran to the kitchen then seconds later he came back with 7 beers "thanks louis" we said at the same time then we all laughed "your welcome" louis said while opening his drink and we did the same and we all took a sip. Seeing everyone here laughing, talking, smiling then thats when my eyes looked over at Rosie she was soo happy, but i noticed her wrist every time i see her wrist it gets me mad because i felt like this is my fault what am i saying it is my FAULT so i excused myself and went in the backyard to think i sat on the porch and i took a sip of the beer then i looked at the stars in the sky, thats when i found myself thinking, then i felt my phone buzz and i took my phone out then looked at the caller ID it said 'unknown' so i just clicked 'read' and it said 'You can never protect whats not yours' i got angry from what i read so i replied 'i can protect who ever i want and you can never stop me' then i pressed the 'send' button it didnt take long for him to reply 'lets just see' it made me soo mad i crumbled my phone to pieces and i took another sip of my beer.

Rosie's POV

I kept on laughing non-stop, but when i realized harry wasnt here "hey erm do you know where harry is?" i questioned "yeah hes in the backyard" louis answered "ohh ok erm ill be right back ok?" they all nodded 'ok/yes' so i stood up then walked to the backyard to find find harry sitting down on the porch.. He looked mad and upset "hey hazza are you ok?"i asked "oh hey i didnt notice you and erm yeah im fine why did you ask?" he answered "oh ok and well you look mad and upset at the same time" i said "ohh erm its nothing haha dont mind me" he said back "oh ok" was all i said it was a complete silence the he stood up and put his bottle aside and laid down on the grass and so i joined him "the stars are soo beautiful" i admitted, its true. 


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