Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


18. Chapter 17

Niall's POV

 "so since your vampires... then who was the dude with the hoody then?" she questioned nicole, i couldnt take this anymore "we do" i answered and everyone looked at me with a shock faces and mostly nicole and rosie "w-what d-did yo just say?" nicole asked and i sighed "me and the lads no who he is" i repeated again and both nicole and rosie looked at all of us "then who is he?" nicole and rosie said at the same time "his name is Jo-" i got interrupted by harry "his name is Josh" he said looking at the ground and then everyone looked at him "Josh the dude who had sex with Lily?" she asked "wait how did you know about that?" me, nicole, and the lads said at the same time "harry told me about Lily and Josh... Of how you guys killed them and he also admitted he was a vampire" she answered "ohh" was all i said "yeah" she said "soo that means hazza here told you everything?" i asked giving  smirk at harry "yeah he did" she answered and i looked at harry who was giving me an evil glare, he knows what im gonna do "soo do you know that he really loves-" i got interrupted by harry "that i love your cooking he said and rosie gave me and harry a confused look and just shrugged it off "you two are weird sometimes" she admitted and giggled "hey! im not the weird one im the hungry one hazza here is the weird one" i said while laughing "im am not" he said putting his hand on a table and his hand slipped and he almost fell "yeah sure your not" we all laughed and did harry "soo rosie your fine with us being vampires?" i asked curiously "yeah just as long you dont kill or eat me" she answered with both of her hands pointing to herself "hahaha no problem rosie we will hurt you if we did hazza here might kill us" i joked "you got that right" harry answered who is sitting next to rosie next now and "thank you rosie for accepting who we are and also for not leaving us" nicole said "i will never leave you guys your to kind,honest,sweet, and loving people i've met" she said while giving us a huge smile "come here you guys" she said and we did as we were told and we made a group hug 'im glad she didnt get scared of us' i thought to myself.

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