Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


17. Chapter 16

Nicole's POV

I was sleeping next to niall then some screaming woke me up as i opened my eyes i saw the other guys heard it too then all of us got up "lads do u hear that?" niall said with a concern tone "that sounds like ro!" i yelled and speeded of downstairs to me and nialls room and when i tired opening the door it was locked "dammit it locked" i whispered to myself "ill open it" niall said and kicked the door down and we didnt see and danger "OK WHATS GOING ON HERE!!" liam yelled and all we saw was harry laughing "nothing liam i was just tickling ro" harry said while laughing and when he turned around he was in a vampire form 'harry your a freaking vampire' i thought to myself so rosie cant hear it "i know she already knows that im a vampire" he admitted and we all looked at rosie "is all of this real hes a vampire?!" she yelled "erm look rosie we were gonna tell you but we were soo scared you might see us as monsters and leave us.." i said with a pause "like of how you left chloe.." i said tearing up i heard her sigh and said "chloe was a different story nikki she was a backstabber i thought she was my best friend, but she wasnt and your my only best friend now and you know that" i heard the lads say 'awww' "awwww thank you and yeah i know that" i said with a smile and came to hug her "ok no nikki tell me whats going on because im really confused right now" she asked and i sighed "well here goes nothing.. erm ro were all vampires" i admitted and saw her eyes widened "wait your telling im the only human and everyone here is a vampire including you?" she said "yes" i answered and when she finally knows the truth she sighed and laid down on the bed and looked at the ceiling. It was soo quiet but i broke it "look ro were really sorry we didnt tell you" i apologized and she looked at us "so since your vampires... then who was the dude with the hoody then?" she questioned "thats the thing that i dont know" i answered it was true though i dont know "we do" niall said and my eyes widened.

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