Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


16. Chapter 15

Rosie's POV

"If i show you the real me will you accept who i am?" he questioned me "i will always accept you for who you are hazza" i gave him a smile and he smiled at me and sighed "ok if i show you the real me please dont run" 'what does he mean?' "ok?" i said curiously and confused. He sighed and walked to the door and locked it and he faced me but he stepped back never taking his eyes off me "ok i want you to not talk and think about something ok?" i nodded my head 'yes/ok' 'ok hes going crazy right now' he laughed and said "im not crazy" he laughed and i wondered 'what the heck how does he know what im thinking' he answered "because i can, i can read peoples mind and i can also say something back" 'can i talk now?' i thought he answered my question by sending me  message back in my head 'yeah you can and i can also talk to you through mind' "thats awesome!" 'wow the way he concentrates on me is pretty hot' i thought to myself "why thank you i think your hot too" she gave me a smirk and winked at me and i felt my cheeks getting red "i forgot that you can read minds haha" i giggled and he smiled but then his smile faded and said "rosie this is just the half of me and i-i dont know how your going to take this one" he said you can hear how worried he is "well tell me your other ones" i said "well i can run really fast,im really strong, and im died im not human" he said  my eyes widened at the last part he said "w-wait wh-w-what did you j-just s-say?" i heard him sigh "im not human, rosie im vampire" "hahahahaha your hilarious thats a great joke" i laughed "im not kidding rosie i mean it" wow hes taking this soo far "look haz vampires arent real they died millions of years ago" i corrected him look if you dont belives then dont but improving it to you here" he closed his eyes and looked down his skin turned pale then seconds later he lifted his head up and opened his eyes my eyes widened for what i saw "your eyes i-its re-red and yo-your te-teeth are those f-fa-fangs?!?" i yelled then seconds he lifted his head and went back to normal and i tried to run to the door but he was already in front me "what open the door now!!" i felt bad screaming at him though "look rosie you said you accept who i am" 'true i did say that but im scared' i thought to my self "i wont hurt you i promise" i nodded 'ok/yes' and i tried rushing through the door but he was WAY TOO FAST and he carried me on his shoulder and dragged me to the bed and screamed on the top of my lungs. 


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