Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


15. Chapter 14

Harry's POV 

"Ok fine" she raised her hands in surrender i sighed and looked at my hands and then at her "Lily was my girlfriend and we were really happy together she was the best thing that has ever happened to me, since thats what i thought..." i saw rosie of how confused she was "wait what?" i can tell she was really confused so i sighed and continued "i thought she was the one for me but i thought wrong... rosie she cheated on me and almost killed me while i was protecting her" i felt a tear slip down my cheeks "waitt wait woah! ok tell me the whole story the real story" she said "ok.. I had a friend and his name was josh and when he met lily he told me that he was falling for her and i just gave him a warning by telling him to stay away from lily so he did as i told him to but one night.. Me and the lads went to a party so we came home around 2 or 3 in the morning and i left Josh with Lily and once i went upstairs to go check on lily i was gonna open the door but i stopped because i heard giggling and moaning so thats when i opened the door and saw lily and josh have sex in our room and i ran downstairs to where the lads were and she came following me and as soon the lads saw her with only a blanket they knew why she was and josh just came up to me and punched me and said that lily was his and i just looked at lily whose just staring at me and me and josh fought over her and i didnt notice lily behind me but the lads got he and we killed her and josh i tried to protect her, i gave up everything to her but she instead she tries to kill me? i didnt know what to do but we didnt mean to,we didnt mean to kill them" said bursting into crying now and rosie just comforted me and said "its ok haz shhhh its ok" she tried to calm me down but now its also time for her to know the real me "ro?" "yeah?" she answered back "if i show u the real me will you accept who i am?" i questioned.

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