Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


14. Chapter 13

Rosie's POV

I woke up to a sound of moaning and somethings the side of the bed and i opened my eyes to find harry next to me and i kept on staring at him then looked at the clock it was 4:08 in the morning but i didnt care i just kept on looking at harry he is soo adorable while sleeping and i noticed that i was smiling like an idiot but my smile started fading away when i heard the name 'Lily' i stared at him with confusion and kept on listening and i noticed he was having a nightmare i could see his forehead sweating and i heard him say "no leave her alone!" he yelled and this time he was moving his head sideways and i also noticed hes crying, i couldnt take this anymore so i tried waking him up. For about 6th times i tried waking him up and he bursted out yelling 'Lilys' name "hey haz are you ok?" i asked getting worried, he was breathing really deeply but it took 1 minute for him to answer "y-yea-yeah i-i-m-im fine" harry stuttered i just nodded my head 'ok' and i got out of bed and got water for him then i came back seeing him leaning on the wall his knees folded to his chest and his face inside his arms not making me see his face so i put his glass of water next to the lamp and sat next to him patting his back "hey it was just a nightmare no need to cry haz" i said reassuring him "you d-dont get it r-rosie it-it was re-real it h-happened" he said while crying  "do you wanna talk about it?" he nodded his head 'no' "erm can i ask whos Lily?" i asked "wh-what?" harry questioned "can you tell me whos lily" i repeated then i heard harry sigh and lifted his head up his eyes were puffy red and his nose too "Lily was my ex" he answered looking at the wall "ohh where did she go?" what did i just say "yeah and she died" my eyes widened and i thought 'gosh im sooo stupid' "ohh im sorry i shouldnt have brought it up" i said worriedly "no no its ok i promise" he said while giving me a weak smile "ohhh" "i think i should tell you what happend" he said looking at me straight in the eyes "noo erm its o-" i got interrupted "no ro u need to know" he said "ok fine" i sighed and raised my hands in surrender.

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