Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


13. Chapter 12

Zayn's POV

"You love rosie?" I asked "yes zayn i fell in love with rosie" harry answered while sitting down and putting his hands on his face covering up his whole face "how can you fall in love with her you only met her yesterday?" asked liam "i dont liam when i looked in her eyes i felt something tingly inside" he said removing his hands from his face and touched his stomach and smiled like an idiot "thats called butterflies haz" louis said correcting him "whatever you call it" he sassed "haz you know its da-" liam got interrupted by harry "i know daddy direction 'its dangerous to be in love or to be in a relationship with a human' i get it" harry sassed and mocked liams voice and me and the lads chuckled "dont give me that sassy tone haz ur not-" he got interrupted by harry again "2 i know" he snapped and liam just sighed "look liam im sorry but i cant control my heart or who i fall for... im gonna check on rosie" harry got up and walked to nicole and nialls room and we heard liam sigh and he sat on the couch resting his head on the pillow "look liam hes hazza is right we cant control our heart and who we fall for and plus he hasnt been in love with any girl ever since Lily died" i said "zayns right liam lets give him a chance to fall in love" niall agreed "i know, but im just worried about him and about rosie" he said sounding disappointed "what do you mean daddy direction?" we all said at the same time "well it feels like Josh has been watching them both and since rosie is human he can hurt her and i dont want him and hazza fighting with him because he can die like he almost did for fighting over lily she cheated on him and even tho she did harry didnt give up on her i understand he loved her but she was gonna kill hazza but we killed her instead and harry killed josh" liam said tearing up we sighed  "well liam for what we see in rosie shes seems different from lily" he looked at me "do u think she will treat hazza right?" he asked "yea and i also read what ro was thinking while she was blushing" i said with a smirk playing on my face "what do you mean?" liam asking with one of his eyebrows sticking up "what i mean is rosie feels the same as hazza she thinks hes cute,nice, and etc she said a lot so yeah hahaha" i laughed because it was cute hazza loves her and she feels the same i hope they can be together i hope.

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