Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


12. Chapter 11

Harry's POV 

We went downstairs while i carried rosie to nicoles and naills room and i laid rosie on nicoles bed "thank you" she whispered "for what ?" i asked "for cleaning my wound and for carrying me down here" she said while giving me a weak smile "erm harry can i ask you something?" she asked "sure anything" i answered "why does that person have red eyes and sharp fangs forming on his teeth he looked like a vampire.." i froze inside trying to think of what i could answer "well....erm probably their just scaring you and so you wouldnt be able to recognize there face i think?" i said pretending i dont know "hmm your probably right" she looked at the ceiling and it was silent but 2 seconds she broke the silence and said "but why me? Why did this person pick me?" she asked and one tear slipped down her face and i sighed and "i dont know rosie i dont know" i said "you need to get some rest tonight was too much for you ok?" "ok harry" "call me haz" i said smiling at her "ok haz" she giggled "ok ro" i gave her  wink and she giggled again and i told nicole she can go to rosie and she did as i told her. I saw her go to rosie and tucked her in the covers and sang her a lullaby which made rosie sleepy, as i saw nicole making rosie fall asleep it made me smile because shes finally resting but the smile faded as i remembered her tearing up and her wrists shes in too much pain so i just closed the door half way and walked to the lads and liam just asked "so harry are you gonna tell us who this person is because the way you reacted upstairs came out of nowhere?" liam whispered/yell at me "liam he use to be our buddy but we killed him becuase he couldnt help himself and killed innocent humans" i said while looking at the floor "haz we dont know what your talking about" liam said and i lifted my head up and looked at him and saw a confused looked on his face "yes you do liam we killed him and hes alive again you know him liam, you all do" and i looked at them and they shook their heads 'no' "GOD DAMMIT ITS FREAKIN JOSH LIAM!! JOSH IS ALIVE!!" i yelled at them and their eyes widened and the mouth dropped on the floor "how could this happened?" questioned louis "i dont louis" i said calming myself down "but why rosie?" asked naill "i think he knows i love her...." i answered their eyes went wider than it was before "you love rosie?" asked zayn.

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