Im In Love With A Vampire (Harry Styles)


11. Chapter 10

Harry's POV 

We finally busted the door down it was 4th time and it feels like some ones inside rosies room because there's no way the door can hold our vampire powers, our vampire powers are too strong, when we finally made it inside,but we couldnt see rosie anywhere, we saw the window open which means I was right someone was inside rosies room 'but who could it be?' i thought to myself. When we saw zayns reactions we all looked at where he was looking at and all of our eyes widened "ROSIE!!" i yelled and carried her off the floor to her bed "GOSH HER WRIST IS BLEEDING NICOLE GO GET THE FREAKING TOWEL OR SOMETHING HURRY!!" i yelled and she did as she was told and when i looked at rosie she was unconscious and thats when louis tapped my shoulders while zayn's getting water and liam helping nicole, but niall was beside me "what is it louis im kind of busy here" i snapped at him "god dammit harry look at the freaking mirror!" he yelled at me and i did as he told to me and it wrote 'SHE IS MINE FOREVER!!!' and zayn, liam, and nicole came with the things and they looked at us and noticed we were looking at the closet door and the three of them looked at our direction on where we were staring at "who would've done this?" nicole whispered and saw a tear falling from her eyes i can tell she was broken and so was i all of was were. 'who couldve done this' kept on repeating on my head and i felt a movement and a groan from rosie and everybody noticed and came rushing to her "rosie can you hear us?" i asked and her eyes started to open little by little i was feeling a little better because i know she ok now. 

Rosie's POV 

I started hearing voices "rosie can you hear us?" i think thats harry and i opened my eyes everything was blurry "yea i-im-im fi-ine" i said stuttering "ok thats good liam give me the water" harry commanded liam and liam seemed to follow and made me drink water "th-thank y-you harry" i said "your welcome" i saw him smiling at me i can see clearly now and saw everyones worried faces "wh-what hap-ppend?" i questioned "we were outside in the living room and 2 minutes later we heard you scream and we came in running here and we found you unconscious on floor while your wrist bleeding..d-dont you remember what happend?" he questioned "ohh and not really"i answered "can you please tell us what you remembered?" asked nicole "well...all i remember was when i woke up a saw a man with red eyes and with fangs for teeth and he just came right up to me then everything went black thats all i remember" i answered "ohh well did you see his face?" liam asked with a concerned face "no i couldnt really see his whole face because of his black hood was on" i answered and i heard harry gasped and i looked at him and saw his eyes was widened "no this couldnt be" he whispered "what do you mean harry?" zayn questioned "oh erm nothing" he said "you sure?" zayn questioned raising one eyebrow at him. 'Well that was weird i wonder what he was thinking?' i thought to myself. 


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