They look different but are both hurt, both get bullied. How could people be so cruel? We're all equal, we all have feelings and should be treated the same. WARNING: Self harm, bad language, drinking.


1. Chapter 1

[Alley's POV]

My eyes dart around the lunch room in search of someone to sit by. There's not one lonely person, everyone at a table in groups of five or more. My cheeks pale and my confidence fades away, my shoulders slump down and I force myself to sit down at the last empty table. I thought this year was going to be different but as I look around people laugh at me. I'll always get bullied because of my personality, I finally decided to stay quiet. I stare down at my food and all I do is push it away. "Can I sit here?" I hear a male voice ask.

I look up to see a boy with a lip and eyebrow piercing and tattoo covered arms. Why would anyone want to sit by me? I guess it's because he's new, by next week he'll bully me too. I nod my head and he takes a seat "Look, the two losers managed to find each other." I girl chuckles.

Losers? As in more than one? Why would they call him that? I look over at him and he decides to start a conversation, "I'm Louis." I stay quiet. Why would he want to talk to me? "Can you talk?" He asks.

"I'm Ally." I speak quietly but loud enough so he can hear me.

:"This school is very judgmental you know? I'm probably going to beat someone's ass by the end of the day."

I look at him confused and finally ask the main questions that are floating through my head, "Why do they judge you? Why do you want to talk to someone like me?"

"I think they judge me because of my appearance but just you wait, I'll teach them to never mess with me again." He pauses for a seconds so he can eat his food but soon continues, "You. Well, you don't judge me so I think you'd be a great friend." I give him a small smile. This friendship will most likely end by next week, as soon as people realize that he's not a loser. "Aren't you going to eat?" He questions as he shoves food into his mouth.

"I'm not hungry." I respond.

He nods, understanding but soon he speaks again, "Why are you so quiet?"

People pushed me to be quiet. "Why not?"

He gives me a puzzled look but then smiles, "You're a little confusing but you're also mysterious. What class you got next?"


"Great! I've got that too, wanna walk with me to class?"

I nod. He seems nicer than he appears to be, he looks scary on the outside but I imagine him as a teddy bear if he had no tattoos and piercings. Maybe this year I'll have at least one friend, :Louis. Unless, of course, he becomes popular.

After lunch we swim through the bodies in the crowded hallway, Louis occasionally push people if they bump into him or me. Once we get in the class we decide to sit in the back of the class. People pour into the room just before the bell rings, "Goo afternoon! Lets jump right into history." The teacher loudly speaks with a smile upon his wrinkly face.

I hear Louis let out a sigh. Looking from the corner of my eye I see him slouch farther into his chair. I wonder if he's a boy who slacks off and fails classes. I wonder why he got all those inked marks on his skin. I wonder if he goes out and parties.

I end up spending the rest of the class day dreaming. The bell pulls me out of my thoughts and I gather my things, "That class you have next?" Louis asks as we walk out of the classroom.

I pull out my schedule and reply, "Calculus."

He looks down at his and then looks back up with a cheesy smile, "I've got that too."

We end up also having last period with each other too. By the end of school me and Louis exchange numbers. As I walk out of the school I get rude remarks thrown at me and I agree with them, I am fat, I am ugly. I believe all the things they scream out at me.

I walk down the sidewalk watching the leaves dance down the street, the autumn wind blowing through my blonde hair, car flying down the street. I stare at my feet as I walk.

Once I walk into my house I instantly regret it, I'll run away someday and no one will miss me. "finally! You're home! Go get me a beer and make me a fucking sandwich then get to your room, I can't stand seeing your face, you worthless piece of shit!"

I suck in a deep breath and walk to the kitchen, I pull out a bottle of beer and make the man I call my 'father' a sandwich. I walk back out and hand him the sandwich and the beer. I think he didn't grip onto the beer bottle well enough so it falls to the floor, breaking into pieces and a puddle forms around the pieces like broken pieces of my life drowning. "Sorry." I mumble.

Before I know it he is hitting me, tossing me against. the wall like waves crashing against the shore. I cry out in pain as he punches my arm once, twice, several times. When he's finally done he screams, "Get the fuck up and go to your god damn room! No dinner! don't you fucking come out of that room."

I slowly pull myself off the floor and drag myself to my room. More bruises to hide along with my scars. I lock my door so he can't come in and I peal off my hoodie. I make my way over to my small closet and dig out my 'special' box. I walk into the bathroom that's connected to my room and I open the box revealing my razors, knives, scissors, lighters, anything that could possibly be used as a self harm weapon. I've cut myself, burned myself, tried to overdose on pills, stabbed myself with a screw driver, anything to get rid of my emotional pain, anything to make me feel at least a little better.

I choose my favorite one, the razor blade, "This ones for being fat." I slide the cold metal across my skin, blood slides down my arm. "This is for being ugly." I do it again. "This is for being worthless." Again, the blade cuts through my scarred and bruised skin. Blood drips off my finger tips into the sink. I don't cut too deep but deep enough to feel pain. The more I do this the less it hurts each day.

This is my life. This is what I do.

No one cares for me, no one loves me. I'm surprised I'm still living on this cruel place called earth.

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