I Want You Too... (On HOLD)

"What do you want from me!" He threw his hands up in frustration.
I paused and turned around to look back at him. "I want someone who will kiss me mid sentence, someone who will greet me in the morning with breakfast in bed...." I paused and let a tear fall. " I want someone who will fight for me..." With that I turned around and walked away. Away from him. Away from the boy I love.


8. Chapter 8

When my sister said 'GO OUT' i thought she meant clubs or bars, but no, she meant sitting in a nice chair in a fancy restaurant drinking a tall glass of chardonnay. I stared at her bluntly as she took another small sip of her glass before seeing in down onto the white tablecloth. I exchanged a glance with Logan, who might I add looked as bored as me.


You see, me and Logan weren't exactly dressed to impress. I had a loose white shirt on and shorts. Logan had on a black muscle shirt, Which fit him perfectly might I add, and dark jeans. "Whats with the face Janey?" Char asked as she sent me a smile. In return I sent her a fake smile. "Oh nothing sweet sister of mine that I ADORE sooo much." She scoffed at my sarcasm and turn to her left to look as Harry. "Harold don't you see how badly she treats me?"


"mmhmm…" Harry him self looked like he was bored out of his mind. Logan chose this as the time to interrupt this CONVERSATON. "If you both will excuse us, we'll be heading back. Enjoy your night." He turned to me while standing up from his chair. "Shall we?" He asked with an outstretched hand. He sent me a wink which caused me to smile brightly. "We shall." I placed my hand into his and stood from my chair. As we walked away from the small table, I let out a small sigh of relief. " If we hadn't had left sooner I think we would have died of absolute boredom."


Logan chuckled at my comment before pulling open he front doors to the restaurant. We exited and started to walk down the street. After a while of waling in a comfortable silence i turned to look at Logan." Where are we going anyway?" My question was left out in the open unanswered. "you'll see soon enough." Was his reply as we turned the corner to walk into a small alleyway. A small brown wooden door sat at the end of the alleyway, looking broken and old. Music could be heard faintly as we neared it.


It was an upbeat sound that seemed to make the door shake a little. Logan smiled beside me as he walked ahead a little to greet a tall bulky man who seemed to appear out of nowhere. "Mason! Great seeing ya!" Logan exclaimed as they shook hands in a tight grip. The man who was named Mason only smiled and spoke in a surprisingly light voice. He looked to be in his early thirties with a buzz cut and dark green eyes. "Not much now since the wife had Alex. Haven't seen you around here in a while."


I seemed to go unnoticed as I walked up quietly behind Logan. Mason peered over his shoulder to look at me. "Who's this?" He asked with a bushy eyebrow quirked up. Before Logan could introduce me, I stepped up and held out a hand. "Jane, its nice to meet you." I sent him a small smile in which he just stared at me in return with a blunt look. I slowly started to lower my outstretched hand starting to feel a little uneasy while staring up at his 6'5 stance. Before my hand could fall to my side, he let out a loud laugh and grabbed my hand in a rough grip shaking it wildly.


"Mason Cleves nice to meet cha!" I laughed uncomfortably and slowly pulled my hand from his large one. " Where'd ya find this one Logan? She's the first to actually speak up to me without shaking in fear!" He let out another loud laugh as I turned to look at Logan who was shaking his head. Logan ignored his question "How about you move your ass and I might just tell you later." Mason seemed to remember the door and moved to the side. "Go on in its rave night." Logan took ahold of my hand and I was pulled into darkness.





Logan pulled me to the right suddenly and I stumbled into his back. "Damn it Logan! How about a warn…." The words died on my tongue as I took in the scene before me. We weren't in a small building at all. It seemed as if the small broken door was just a cover up. Strobe lights and glow sticks flew around the open arena. A large stage was set up a couple of yards in front of us with a two men jumping around on it with there hands in the air. The ceiling didn't exist and the stars looked down at us. One was playing the beats through the loud speakers and the other man jumped into the large crowd. The whole crowd seemed as if it were one, with everyone jumping and waving there flashing neon lights in the air. A blast of white smoke blew into the air as the beat dropped and the man yelled "3 2 1 Go!" Its seemed as if the whole building had gone into a frenzy.




I turned to gaze up at Logan. The music seemed to pulse through my body as the waves of people jumped and danced. "This is amazing!" I couldn't tell if he heard me, but Logan just sent me a smile and took ahold of my hand. 


Together we weaved our way through the crowd. Along the way, I was pushed and shoved, and nearly knocked over. But, Logan never let go of me. All at once Logan stopped, and in one swift motion, he captured my lips with his own. 


To say that the kiss was amazing, would be an understatement. This kiss was different from the ones before. It was more urgent, and I found myself reacting to it. Our mouths moved together in sync, as the music and bodies moved around us. It was as if we were the only people in this field. And as cliche that sounds, it's true. 


Wait! what am I doing?! I should not be feeling like this, especially with him. I yanked myself out of his embrace and took off. I did not stop for his calls after me, nor did I stop when I came face to face with Mason the giant.



- I'm trying to get this chapter up before my iPad crashes on me. I know that I said that this would be an extra long chapter, but technology seems to hate me at the moment. My poor computer is broken and I was forced to use the iPad. Sorry for the short update. I'll make it up to you guys in the next chapter. I hope you enjoyed this chapter, even though it was short. This chapter is not edited, due to the fact that I wanted to publish it as fast as I could. Sorry again.


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