I Want You Too... (On HOLD)

"What do you want from me!" He threw his hands up in frustration.
I paused and turned around to look back at him. "I want someone who will kiss me mid sentence, someone who will greet me in the morning with breakfast in bed...." I paused and let a tear fall. " I want someone who will fight for me..." With that I turned around and walked away. Away from him. Away from the boy I love.


7. Chapter 7 (and important A/N)

I took in the sweet smell of freshly cut grass and flowers, the usual smell of the country club. I placed my small hand in his larger one as I stepped out of the sleek car. I straightened out my cream skirt and black blouse before I allowed logan to lead me through the mahogany doors. The wooden floors were polished to perfection, and Marco was already standing ahead in his little black suit. "Marco!" my mother practically gushed out in a greeting. Marco stood in his uptight stance and placed his stupid fake whitened smile on his stupid pinched face. " Mrs. Bellum, its so nice to see you again." Even his voice was crisp and clean. "You couldn't keep me away from this place if you locked me out." my mother laughed with her manicured hand covering her mouth. "Jane came up for a visit, and I thought it would be great for a match."


His smile faltered at the mention of my name. This caused me to smirk. He had hated my guts since I hit a ball into the side of his 'perfect' car when I was seven. His eyes glanced at me and his smile returned again. "Oh Jane what a ugh….. Pleasant surprise." his obvious disgust for me went unnoticed by my mother. I shared a glance with Logan, rolling my eyes as he chuckled softly.


"Oh how rude of me!" My mother exclaimed, a flame creeping up on her cheeks in embarrassment."This is Jane's boyfriend Travis." Logan's left arm fell from my back as he stepped forward to shake Marco's hand. I was surprised by Marco, as he showed a real emotion. I almost burst into a fit of giggles as he attempted to stand straighter and stiffer, trying to obviously size up Logan. To bad Logan is already a giant. Logan's smile seemed to form into a smirk as he noticed this. 


Marco gave an unpleasant look before straitening up and letting out a cough to clear his throat. " What a surprise. Welcome to the country club, I hope you enjoy yourself." Logan gave a nod before taking his original place beside me, his arm finding its way around me. " Are the carts ready Marco?" My mother cut in with a cheerful voice. "Clean and ready to go. If you will, please follow me." Without waiting for a response, he quickly strode away. "well then…." I muttered as my family began to follow him.




I groaned in frustration as yet another golf ball flew into another dune. "Dammit!" I yelled out as Logan laughed from behind me. "Janey, can you please get on with this, we can't wait forever." My mother called out while fanning her face. When I had missed yet again, my mother sighed. " Oh Travis can you please help her before we die out here?" Char whined with a certain undertone.

As if they were having a certain hidden discussion, Logan nodded and walked over to me. "Let me help you with that." Long strong arms wrapped around me from behind, and the smell of Logan's cologne invaded my senses. I nearly fainted at that moment as his head sat in the crook of my neck and his large hands took ahold of the club over my small ones. " You need to change your stance." his cool minty breath fanned over the side of my face sending chills through my body. I could feel his smile against my neck as he noticed this.


His hips were pressed against mine as he swung the gold club, sending the ball flying towards the green landscape where the hole sat. "Finally." My sister let out a annoying sigh and turned to start climbing back into the golf cart. The rest followed after her while i stood motionlessly with Logan behind me.


His breathing seemed to get more ragged as his hands moved from mine to my waist. My breath hitched ad I turned my head to come inches from his lips. He gazed into my eyes with an unknown emotion blazing in them. He edged his head closer. His lips barely grazed mine and our breathing matched. "Jane make out with your boyfriend later, I want to change out of this before we go out!" The moment was cut short without a kiss, and my face flushed in embarrassment as I turned to see that we had an audience. 




Authors Note!

Hey guys! I hoped you liked the chapter. Im sorry that is took me so long to update. I had a packed schedule and writers block. Now that thats over expect to see more updates. I promise that the next chapter will be published quicker. It will be much longer than this one was!  Thanks for reading! Love ya!







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