I Want You Too... (On HOLD)

"What do you want from me!" He threw his hands up in frustration.
I paused and turned around to look back at him. "I want someone who will kiss me mid sentence, someone who will greet me in the morning with breakfast in bed...." I paused and let a tear fall. " I want someone who will fight for me..." With that I turned around and walked away. Away from him. Away from the boy I love.


6. Chapter 6

He chuckles at the shock in my voice. "Listen Jane, you know I didn't mean to hurt you." I grimace and close my eyes at the reminder. Logan's eyes follow my every move with a straight line set firmly on his lips, and fire behind his eyes. The shine on the floor suddenly becomes interesting as I listen to Travis's deep voice, and as Logan's knuckles begin to whiten. 

Unknowingly my feet carried me to the outside porch. The sparkling sky greeted me as if it was saying 'sorry but your on your own here.' I rolled my eyes as Travis continued to try and coax me back into his life. 

Who am I kidding? I will never really be out of his life. He was my first of everything. First date, first kiss. The list continues. I closed my eyes and let out a sigh. "Travis, I can't live like this anymore. I can't keep coming back to someone who is going to hurt me." A silence fell over the other end, and I wondered if he ended the call. 

"You know it won't happen again babe. I was wasted, I wasn't myself." I almost choke on my words as I reply. "You always say that." With that I end the call and lean against the wooden bars, the coolness comforting me.

I bowed my head for a minute before reconstructing myself and turning back to enter the kitchen. As I step through the opening, the small room is empty and the mess Logan and I made was cleared away. Logan was nowhere to be seen. 

I sighed and silently headed to the guest room. 
The whole house seemed to be asleep, and as I opened up the closed door, Logan seemed to be sleeping as well. I padded over to where he lay on the ground and kneeled beside his head. He laid there still and I let a tear fall. I don't even know how I let Travis get under my skin tonight. All I knew was that I needed someone to hold me.

I softly poked Logan's cheek. His eyes snapped open and they searched the dark, only to land on mine. "What do you want?" The playfulness from earlier was gone and replaced with a stern icy tone. I  shyly shifted my right hand to hold onto my arm, right below my elbow as I looked at the ground.

"I umm......" My cheeks began to burn as I met his awaiting stare. "We'll speak up, I don't look like this from lack of sleep." I fought up the courage and shifted on my feet. "I was wandering if you um.... If you wanted to stay in the bed with me tonight." 

The silence that followed worried me, and I dared looked up to meet his face. He revealed no emotion, he just stared back into my eyes. I started to rise up in embarrassment. Of course he didn't want to, he probably thinks I'm a pathetic little girl right now. "It's alright if-" I was cut off as my arm was pulled back, forcing me to look into his eyes. He didn't say anything as he sat up and pulled me to him. I would have gasped if there was any air left in my chest. 

I slithered my arms around his waste and let my head rest on his shoulder. He didn't know how much i needed that hug right now. He swiftly stood, taking me bridal style in his arms, and brought me over to the large bed. He softly laid me down on the feather stuffed pillows and climbed in after me. 

He pulled me close to him and his muscular arm draped itself around my waist. His shirtless chest brought warmth to my cold body. As if waiting to do this for forever, my eyes started to close. But as they fell, I was conscious enough to catch Logan's last words. "Jane, what are you doing to me?" Then I was pulled into the soft sleep.


I awoke almost drenched in sweat. I made a move to get up, but I couldn't, due to the fact that something or should I say someone was draped over me with their arms secured tightly around my waist. I looked up at the handsome boy above me. He looked peaceful in his sleep, as if he could do no harm to anyone. I softly moved him over. I succeeded without waking him up, and I moved to work in his arms. 

After a long list if tries, I gave up and turned to face him instead. Without thinking my pointer finger lifted to trace his lips. I thought back to the feeling of them on mine the night before. But along with those lovely thoughts, came the awful ones of Travis and the call. I might say that I'm proud of myself this time. I didn't let him lure me back into his arms this time. He must be furious that I had hung up on him.  

I continued to think about his reaction, unable to notice that the sleeping figure beside me was awake, his blue eyes gazing at me. I nearly jumped, my finger frozen in place. I slowly brought it down, wondering if he thought that I was a creepy perv. I bit my lip in worry and turned to look down at the duvet. 

He placed his finger under my chin, forcing me to look up. He stared at me thoughtfully. A slow smile spread on my lips as he moved in closer. His lips were so close to mine, that I could feel the heat of his breath. A knock sounded from the door causing us to spring apart from each other. 

"Janie? Hunny, don't forget to get ready for our match. We don't want our carts to be taken now do we?" A few seconds past before the knob on the door started to turn. I quickly looked to Logan before I glanced down at what I was wearing. I quickly pulled up the blanket to cover both of us. I didn't want my mother to get the wrong idea, even though I was still clothed, kinda. She was one of those mothers that always got the wrong idea.

Her head poke in with her hand over her eyes. "Sorry, if I interrupted something. But we only half 10 minutes until we need to go." I blushed deeply before placing my head in my hands. "Mother! We weren't doing anything!" I groaned in embarrassment as Logan chuckled lowly beside me. I kicked him from underneath the covers to halt his laughter. 

"Whatever you say Jane!" My sister yelled as she passed by. "They kept me and Harry up last night with all the noise they were making. If I  must say so myself, that was rude of you Jane." I through a pillow at Charlottes head as my blush became a terrible shade of red." Shut your trap Char!"

"Oh my, we'll just leave you to get ready then." As the door closed, I peeked a glance at Logan to see an amused smile on his lips. "You heard her, let's get ready. We could save time by taking a shower together you know." The sweet guy From earlier was gone and replaced with the arrogant ass from before. "In your dreams." I huffed and stormed into the bathroom. 


The steam of the hot shower released my stress and I let out a sigh. I turned off the water and stepped out onto the plush white tiles. I hummed to a random tune as I reached for my fluffy towel, only to find it not there. "Shit...." I gasped. Did I forget to grab a towel before I came in? I searched around a little only to come up short.

A knock from the door made me jump as Logan's voice came through. "Hurry up princess, the world doesn't wait for everyone." I slowly turned the doors knob, opening it up to a crack. I stuck my head through to see a curious Logan, canyougetmeatowelplease..." I mumbled in fright. 

"I'm sorry what was that." Logan cupped his ear to add to the affect. I took a deep breath. "Can you please get me a towel, Logan." I stared at his features as he turned and grabbed a towel that was neatly folded on the bed. "Oh do you mean this towel perhaps?" He raised an eyebrow as I groaned out loud. "Logan I'm not joking just give me the damn towel." 

He raised his hand up in surrender. "Okay okay." He then swiftly dropped the towel on the floor by the door. I glared at him and stuck my bare leg out to get ahold of the towel. Only to come up short because it was just out of my reach.... "Logan!" I shrieked at him in annoyance. "Just give me the damn towel!"

"Come an get it." He chuckle and crossed his arms. "Can you at least turn around?" I asked quietly. He nodded before turning. I waited a few seconds before opening the door further and bending down to grab the towel cautiously. I could never trust him in this situation.  As soon as I grabbed the towel, Logan spun around to look at me with hunger in his eyes. I shrieked and quickly wrapped the towel around me.i turned to run but Logan grabbed me by the waist to stop me.

"And where do you think your going?" He demanded, his morning voice husky. "Logan I'm not playing right now, let go of me." I surprised myself at the authority that was present in my voice. Logan didn't seem to be fazed. I needed to take another route to get rid of him. So I took the riskiest move ever. I stepped forward and kissed him.

He seemed surprised by my actions, but quickly responded. I took one hand and twisted it in his curly hair. As the kiss started to get heated I stomped my heel as hard as I could onto  his toes,causing him to help in pain. I swiftly turned on my heels and ran into the bathroom.  The door closed and locked in one quick movement, protecting me from the cursing minster on the other side. I let out a breath and placed my fingers on my lips before started to dry myself off. 

Authors Note
- wow it's been a long time guys! I'm so so so sorry for not updating in a while. I've been so busy with a lot of things. But I hope you like the chapter and I just wanted you to know that I'll be updating more really soon. Thanks for reading!


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