I Want You Too... (On HOLD)

"What do you want from me!" He threw his hands up in frustration.
I paused and turned around to look back at him. "I want someone who will kiss me mid sentence, someone who will greet me in the morning with breakfast in bed...." I paused and let a tear fall. " I want someone who will fight for me..." With that I turned around and walked away. Away from him. Away from the boy I love.


2. Chapter 2

After I had kicked Logan out yesterday I haven't left the house. 
My mother has called with the traditional family reunion. She thinks I'm still with the rich and handsome Travis. She had invited us last week and I had planned to go with him, but due to our current situation, I have nobody to go with.

A song came from my cell as my mother sent another call. I let it go to my voicemail before I picked it up to delete her message. My family had always had their judgment problems and I ignored them for a reason. 

I hurried and took a quick shower. Today was a busy day as usual at the shop and I needed the money. I quickly got dressed in jeans and a grey sweater with a scarf and furry boots to go with it. I locked my front door with my bag and phone in hand. 

I unlocked my car and hopped in, starting it up. My light blue Volkswagen bug was old, but I was still in love with it. I had gotten it for my high school graduation before I left my hometown. I drove through the streets towards the flower shop listening to 'Sweater Weather' play through the radio.

I pulled into my parking space and shut off the engine of my car. A sleek black Porsche pulled up next to my car as I fumbled with my keys to unlock the front door. With a glance behind me I pushed open my door changing the little white closed sign to open. I heard a car door close behind me as I retreated into the store. 

I quickly went behind the counter and started to get my displays. As I set them out the bell jingled signaling an arrival. "Welcome to Signature Meadows, I will be with you in a second." No answer came and I felt a presence behind me. 

I quickly spun around to come face to face with a smirking Logan. 
I let out a sigh in both relief that it wasn't a robber or a creep and in
annoyance that it was him. "Hello to you to Jane." His smirk grew as he looked me up and down. I didn't respond as I shoved past him to get behind the counter.

"Trying to play hard I see." He chuckled and gave his hair a flip before walking over to me with his hands in his pockets. I opened my mouth to reply to him before my phone went off. I glanced at it, to see my mother was calling me. I quickly picked it up. "Hello?" I studied Logan as he messed with the small antiques on the counter top as I talked. "Janie, sweetie! How are you?" I swatted Logan's hand away from the delicate glass jar that was on the edge. He chuckled at my reaction and tried again.

"I'm fine mom." He raised his eyebrows at me as he inched the jar closer to the edge. "So do tell me that you and Travis aren't canceling this weekends get together. We would terribly miss you if you didn't show up tomorrow. The jar became closer to the edge and Logan studied me playfully. 

I flung my hand to stop his, only for him to grab it and pull me into him. I gasped and almost dropped my phone. "Jane are you alright dear?" My mothers voice revived me from my shocked place and I gazed into Logan's eyes. "Yeah I'm here mom." "Great then see you and Travis tomorrow!" 

Her chirpy voice cut off before I could explain my dilemma. She and I my family were expecting me and my handsome rich boyfriend. My mother only cared if he had money or not. You would have a hard time saying I was her daughter if it wasn't for our resemblance.

An idea popped into my head as Logan tried to bring his lips to mine. I pushed past him and got to my feet. I could act like he was Travis and introduce him before I could get up the courage to tell my mother. I looked at him carefully and leaned back against the counter.

 "Let's make a deal."

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