Never in your wildest dreams💫

Paisley Rose Rivers is just a typical high school girl, except she's prettier then most girls, and more of a goody-goody compared to most girls at her school. But, that's all about to change when a guy, totally not her type but sexy and super popular falls for her, aka Harry Styles. Will she completely change into a person she never wanted to be for Harry, or somehow be able to step out of her comfort zone but still stay true to what she believes in?


1. Intro

My names Paisley, and this is my story..

i roll out of bed in the morning to my alarm at 5:30. Just another long day of high school ahead, I think to myself sighing loudly as I turn my light on, blinking trying to get my eyes to adjust to the light. Opening my closet doors, I decided on a dress and a pair of flats, then heading into my bathroom to turn on my curling iron. As it was hearing up, I washed my face, put my makeup on and tugged on the ponytail holding in my messy bun, reveling my natural kinky-wavy blonde hair. I started to curl it, one strand at a time and hair spraying it when I was satisfied, then slipping my dress and shoes on, applying some perfume, and staring into the mirror.

"Eew I look disgusting", I though to myself directing my attention to my stomach and big thighs. Then, I looked at my face. "No wonder why you're single!", I exclaimed then grabbing my backpack, then heading upstairs.

I saw my mom was grabbing her car keys to leave for work. I kissed her on the cheek. "Have a good day at work mom", I said. She nodded.

"What time will you be home?", she asked me. 

"Um.....well I have cheer till 5, then drama till 7, so 7:30?", I said and she nodded then was out the door. 

My twin sisters, Brie and Carley stumbled down the stairs. 

"Good morning to you two too", I said and they rolled their eyes.

"it's soooo early!", Carley complained.

"just wait till next year!",  I said. They're in 8th grade now, and will be starting high school next year. 

"Whatever', Brie said and I was out the door. My best friend, Perrie picked me up, she's a junior and I'm a sophomore so I can't drive yet.

"Excited to learn our new cheer routine?!", she said before I even sat down.

"oh yah!", I said and she smiled. 

"Ugh not looking forward to drama though....", she responded.

"why not?! I love drama!", I said.

"I know, but I'm not in the mood", she said and I rolled my eyes.

"you get to spend time with Zayn...and me!", I said and she laughed.

"True!", she said and before I knew it, we already pulled into the school and both got out. 

i hurried to my first hour class, math and the day went on from there. After school, I met up with Perrie and i changed quick for cheer practice, then met the other girls on our squad and started learning the new routine. 

After that, I had drama but I was so tired and kinda zoned out. I went home and almost fell asleep instantly, then remembering I had at least three hours of homework.

the next morning, I saw I had a missed call from Liam, who was my best friend who's a guy.

i called him back. "Yes babe?", I said.

"oh I just wanted to tell you drama practice got cancelled for tomorrow and I was seeing if you wanted to hang out after school?", he said.

"yes I'd love to!", I responded without even thinking about it.

"okay, yayyy!!", he said and I laughed.

"k love you dork", I said.

"Love you too", he responded.


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