Never in your wildest dreams💫

Paisley Rose Rivers is just a typical high school girl, except she's prettier then most girls, and more of a goody-goody compared to most girls at her school. But, that's all about to change when a guy, totally not her type but sexy and super popular falls for her, aka Harry Styles. Will she completely change into a person she never wanted to be for Harry, or somehow be able to step out of her comfort zone but still stay true to what she believes in?


2. I'm me

Not even five minutes after the school day had ended, I met up with Liam by his locker, and then I saw him. Harry Styles, the hottest guy at school. I glanced at him but then quickly glanced away. There's no chance he would No chance Liam would ever see me as anything than just best friends, there's no way Harry would even glance in my direction, or would he? Did he just wink at me, or am I picturing things? No, he really did but doesn't he do that to every girl?! 

"PAISLEYYYYYYY!", Liam yelled.

"Sorry I was daydreaming....", I sighed.

"about..?", he asked as we slowly started walking towards the main doors of the school to get the hell out of there.

"Harry", I said.

"Oh, I think he has a thing for you", Liam said as I got in the passanger seat of his car.

"Yah right. I' No guys are interested in me!", I said unsure of what Liam had meant.

"Baby girl, at band practice he told me he thought my blonde best friend was hot, not kidding. He winked and said 'You can go ahead and tell her I say that'." Liam explained.

I kept staring at myself in my little compact mirror I pulled out of my purse.

"look at me. My nose is huge, I'm not skinny, see this huge ass pimple on my forehead?", I overreacted.

"Yes and you're beautiful!", he said reaching for my hand. And we're not dating, I thought to myself.

"So how's that whole band thing going for you?", I asked.

"Um pretty good. We all get on very well, and it's been a lot of fun. I don't know how serious we all are about it, to be honest but it's great!", he told me.

"Well, I'm glad that's working out good for you!", I said and he smiled. 

"Yah I guess", he replied and it was silent for a bit. Then, I said. "So I have a question about he like, I don't know how to say this....does he flirt with every girl and do things with a lot of girls?", I asked. 

"Well, he is kind of...sexual if that's what you were looking for", he said blushing a little.

"Oh great just what i need", i said sarcastically. He laughed it off. 

"So where exactly are we going?", I asked.

"I don't know, I'm hungry and I want mc Donald's sooooooo", he said. I laughed, "Me too let's go there fat ass". 

"Oh am I now?", he said lifting up his shirt to show his perfectly toned stomach turning me on effortlessly.  

We went inside to eat, and I saw Niall with this girl, Demi. She was in my chorus and science class. 

"Get it Niall", Liam mumbled.

"Yah shes gorgeous, she has a nice body kinda like mine, and she can sing", I thought but instead laughed. We ordered, then sat down next to them.

"Hey guys!", Niall said hugging both of us.

"Hey Demi!", I said and she smiled. 


"Out of any place we could meet, of corse it's Mc Donald's", Liam said and I laughed.

"Well we were just kinda cruising when someone got hungry", Demi said. 

"Yah same here!", I said referring to the massive amounts of food by Liam and Niall. We laughed, ate then said goodbye to eachother.  


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