New Girl

Lucy's thinks shes gonna be all alone
after her mom make her move to Canada
with her. She thinks she will make no friends
But boy was she wrong!!


2. Weird??

Lucy's POV
On the 6 hour  plane ride there my mom just kept telling me how cute her friends son is and how we're the same age. I can't lie I mean I'm kinda exited to meet him!! "he likes basket ball and he likes hockey, hes pretty popular-oh and he likes to play guitar pattie tells me" she says, like he's the most Interesting guy ever!! 

Woo-hoo I'm so exited to move to Canada!! (Not the sarcasm)

 what if I do something stupid 'he's pretty popular' my mom said. If I fuck up he might tell everyone I'm a loser and no one will like me!! 

I'm being ridicules he's gonna like me!!  

We got off the plane my mom immediately ran to a tall petite lady, she had long brown hair and she's really pretty. They hug for what seems like 3 hours while I awkwardly stand there with my bags.
"Oh hi!! You must be Lucy!!" She says with a welcoming smile. She hugs me for a long time. "Hey" I say. "We'll let's get going!! You guys had a long trip, didnt you?? What?? About 5 hours??" "6!!" I shout laughing a little. I'm really cranky cuz I'm tired!!  I mean who wouldn't be?? Am I right??

 We walked to her car, let me tell you it's freezing here!!! I feel like I'm in a freezer!! I just wanna get to the car before my whole body turns purple!!! 
I start skipping to the car "Lucy!! Wait up your walking way to fast!!" My mom yelled, then Went back to her and patties conversation. "It's the black jeep If you wanna get in Lucy" pattie says, unlocking the car. I ran to the car which was a long way away, open the trunk  it an start to unload my junk. I looked for my mom and pattie but they were so far away I could bearly see them.

"Her!!" A raspy voice called out. "Hello??" I ask kinda getting scared I went to the wrong black unlocked jeep. A tall boy who looked around  30ish  came out from behind the car. He had a beard and was smiling at me in a creepy way. He had pocket nife in his left hand and in the other was a baseball bat. My stomach dropped. I panicked and called for my mom but before i could he grabbed me and yanked me to the hard concrete floor. I really wish  my mom would walk faster!!! 

"Shut up you little bitch!!" I whispered to me, tying something that tasted my beer and sweat in my mouth to keep me from screaming. I twisted and turned trying to get him off of me but he was too strong. I started crying,I'm so scared!! 

I herd my moms voice, what if he hurts her or pattie?? "Stop squirming!" He yelled a he pulled me up to where I was standing. I tried to kick him in the balls but failed. 

Pattie and my mom were getting close enough to where could here their voices getting closer I tried to keep him in the same spot that we were in so my mom and pattie would see us and help me.

"OH MY GOSH!!" Pattie yelled looking at us fight on the floor. "AHH!!" My mom screamed. The guy looked up then back at me and hit me in the back of the head with something really hard, I blacked out.

"Is she ok??" A voice rang in my head. Oh Lordy am I dead?!?! I'm only 18!! I cant be  de-"I think so Justin. Can you get another ice pack for her??" Pattie said. I'm not dead?? I open my eyes and adjust to the Harsh light in the room to see Pattie, my mom, and two guys standing over me starring at me. Who the heck are these guys??

I tried to sit up but failed. My head hurts so bad!! What happened after I blacked out??

"Lucy!!" My mom yelled, she was  hugging me and kissing my forehead like it would be the last time. "What happend after I blacked out??" I asked "after he hit you with the rock he ran off. We put you in the car and drove to Patties house" my mom answered. "My head feels like shit!!" I yell "Lucy!! Watch your mouth!!" My mom said "sorry" I said annoyed. Shit isn't even that bad of a word!! The two boys laughed.

"I'm Justin" one of the guys said "and I'm Ryan" the other one said. I have to be honest they are both really hot!! 

What did you think of the drama in this chapter?? 

Did you like it so far??

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