New Girl

Lucy's thinks shes gonna be all alone
after her mom make her move to Canada
with her. She thinks she will make no friends
But boy was she wrong!!


1. Moving?!?!?

Lucy's POV 
Ugh my life sucks!! First off my mom and dad just got divorced an my dad blamed it all on my mom,  second my moms making me move in with her all the freakin way in Canada!! Just so she closer to her work and best friend!!! Lastly I have to leave all my friends and all my childhood memorize behind me!!! Uhhhh why can't my family just be normel like before my dad cheated on my mom?!?!

"Have a great last day if school sweety, love you!!" My mom kindly said before I grabbed an apple and left the house. 

On the way to school all I could think about was moving, how am I suppost to make friends?? What about school?!? It's the beginning of January and I'm in my last year of high school!! It's technically the middle if the school year!!! Thanks mom and dad!!

 I walked in school and just did my usual routine. Get my books from my locker, and go to class. 

At lunch I met up with Miranda, my best friend In the whole entire world. "Hey!!" Miranda said.
"Hey..."  I said. "What's wrong?? Are you ok??" "Not know how my mom and dad just got divorced??" "Yeah sure, why??" she asked  "we'll...I'm kinda moving to Canada..." "YOURE  WHAT?!?!?" She yelled making practically the whole school look at us. "Miranda shhhh!!!!" I whisper "you can't do that!! You can't just leave me!! I can't believe that you would just do this this to me!!" She said getting angrier with every word. 

"I know and I'm sorry...but I have to!!" I said as tears threatened to fall. "Oh save it Lucy!!!" She said full on crying. "Miranda don't cry!! I'm sorry!! My mom is making me move!! If I could Stay, you know I would. Your like my sister please don't be mad at me..." I say hoping to get her to not be bad. "Lucy...I can't help but get mad and cry, my sisters moving to Canada!!" She said whipping the tears off her face. "I will make sure you come and visit all the time! I Love you!!!" I say "love you too Lucy" we hugged and went to our classes.

After school me and Miranda said bye and went to walk in our separate ways home. When I got home, there was a moving truck,boxes of junk everywhere, and furniture in the yard. "Mom were leaving now??" I ask "in about half an hour. I thought it would give you time to say goodbye to the house and your friends." She said. When my mom said "friends" I mentally could not stop laughing, who does she think I am?!?! Some kind of popular kid with more than one friend hahaha. Truth is Miranda is my only friend, but I don't really need more if she's got all the personality traits that make her a good friend. 

Now all that's left is to say bye to the house... I walk to my room slowly looking at everything so empty on my way up. My room was completely empty all that was in there was a box that said 'Lucy's cloths'. "Lucy are you ready??" My mom yells "umm sure..." I say. I grabbed the box and headed for the door. I really hope in Canada I can make at least one  friends...

So what do you think of my new Movella?, I think this one has a much better plot than the other one. Check it out if u haven't it's called "He Found Me" (: thank you for reading!! Comment, like , favorite!! 

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