New Girl

Lucy's thinks shes gonna be all alone
after her mom make her move to Canada
with her. She thinks she will make no friends
But boy was she wrong!!


3. Justin's Pov

Justin POV
"Hey Justin??" My mom yelled from downstairs. "Yeah??" I yell.  "Where are you??" "upstairs!!" i shout back.

 "Oh there you are" my mom says entering my room. "What's up??" I ask. "Nothing...what's up with you??" My mom asked. "Just on twitter talkin to Ryan..." I said feeling awkward.

 "So my friend and her daughter are moving to Canada in 2 days... I was wondering if maybe when they gets here you could show her daughter around, maybe you and her could be friends again??" My mom said "what do you mean again??" I ask. "we'll they came and visited when you were much younger. Like maybe 5 or 6?? You guys were great friends. Plus she's single!!" my mom winked at me. 

You see, I made a bet with her that I wouldn't date anyone for two months becouse my mom thinks I cant live without a girlfriend. its been one month and its hard as hell!! 

Ever since my last girlfriend my mom has been super pushy on getting me to move on so she can win the bet. Not on my watch mom, not on my watch!!

"Mom, I already told you. I don't want a girlfriend right now...I WILL win that bet!!" I said "alright,alright!! But I hear she's really cute!! guess who's winning now??" She winked again and left the room. 

I pulled out my phone and texted Ryan.
"hey come over??"I ask.
 'Sure be there in 10' he replied.
 I got off my bed and got to thinkin, what if she really is cute?? Can't I be friends with a cute girl without dating her?? I dont even remember her at all. Oh we'll, she probably not that cute anyway...

When Ryan got here we went straight to my room. We sat on my bean bags and played X-Box for hours.

 I paused the game "justin what the hell!! I almost killed my 13th zombie!!" Ryan yelled. "Sorry bro...I just wanted to tell you something" "alright, now that you have my attention go ahead!" He said annoyed. I glared at him and he put his hands up in defense. 

"Look, my moms friend and daughter are movin-" "wait how old is this 'daughter' you speak of??" He asked interrupting me. "I don't know bro, like our age maybe?? Anyway, they are moving to Cana-" "is she hot??" He interrupted again. "Bro I don't know!! Just listen to me!!" Ryan looked surprised at how i snapped at him and pretended to cry. "sorry...Anyway they are moving to Canada and I they re living with us, what if she's really hot or wants to hand out with me all the time." I say. "Bro, she probably will wanna hung out with you, if she doesn't have any friends. And it would be great if she was hot!! That wouldn't even be a bad thing Justin" He said. "Ugh I don't wanna hang out with her if shes hot though " "Bro I don't know what your problem is,what does her being hot have to do with anything??"he asked.  I sighed  "Truth is, I don't want her to be hot, or even pretty...then I will be attracted to her and I need to prove my mom wrong about how I can live  without a girlfriend two months... I'm gonna win that bet bro!!" I say. "Whatever you say Justin, whatever you say.. Ryan said.

We got back to our game and played almost all night until we feel asleep with junk food and chips in our hands. Fun times(;

•Shortest chapter in the history of chapters!! 
•Sorry it's suckish!!
• I just wanted you guys to know Justin and Lucy were friends when they were little(: 
•Definitely will not make another chapter this short again!! >.< • love you guys!! <3 •Comment,like, and favorite!!


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