Guitar Girl (1d is sexah)

Kathrine aka Kat was a outragous girl. She had no friends in New York. Her mom got a jod in London and gladly took it. She determinded to be a normal quiet girl who played her guitar alot. She had many bad expirences but she wont give up on her life yet. She always had a smile on her face and had a talent for guitar and writing music. Her motto is 'No ones perfect but everyone is speacil.' Her band is Skrillex. Her life is not a normal one... And thats noy what she needed nor wanted...


2. Sass The Vain One And Sing To The Irish One

Kat pov

I hate mornings.

UGHHH. Thank god its now lunch hour but where the hell is the lunch place.

"Follow me Kat ill sow you the way..." Gale smiled. He took my arm and we ran out into the court yard.

So many people and there was a taco hut thing next to the school.

"Umm can we go get tacos?" I asked.

"Yeah." He said. We ran to the taco hut and i got 2 tacos.

We left and went to a tree. 3 girls and 2 guys were passing a joint. Gale faked a really stupid cough and the looked at us.

"Hello guys this is Kat shes new as shit and im her bestfriend we got tacos!" Gale laughed. No wonder he got 12 tacos.He gave everyone beside me 2 tacos and i took mine out. I was munching on my 2ed when a guy with a quif came up and pushed gale REALLY hard.

"YO!" I said loud enough so his crew and Gales friends could hear.

"What slag?" Quiff said.

Ali a girl i met came up to me and whispered in my ear. "Babe thats Zayn hes Harrys Friend."

"dont just push people okay!" I said.

He chuckled.

"American uhhh?" He said.

"So what im american anyway dont push people Zayn." I said looking him in his eyes.

"Listen here and Listen good. Your new so this is a freebie but im the boss around here and no one tells me what to do... And who the bloody hell told YOU MY name.'' He said.

"Non of your buisness ZAYN now tell me what the hell is a slag?" I said.

"Its what you call a whore now im out BYE" He said leaving.

"im not a slag and pretty boy is going down..." I muttered.

Gale looked at me and smiled. So did all his friends.

"What?" i asked.

"You are the first person to stick up to Zayn Malik." Jake said he ran up to me and hugged me.

I hugged back and we had a group hug.

The bell went off and everyone booked.

I went to my locker and opened it.

A note fell out.

~Hey i saw you tis morning and wanted to know who you were. umm heres my number text me during matHs...***-***-****-NJH?~

I laughed.

I looked at my paper.

MUSIC! Hell to the YEAH.

I pulled my guitar out and grabbed other thing ill need.

ill text the dude in music cause i just want to get it over with.

I pulled out my phone and typed in the guys number.

Hey its ahh the note girl my name Kat by the way but who are you.

He answered kinda fast.

well maths is next period but i have music ill be the only one with a guitar Kat.

'ill be the only one with a guitar Kat.'

Ill be the other person with a guitar hes a retard.

I walked to music and entered a room.

I saw the whole bad ass crew and then i saw gales crew and then i saw the Alex kid.

I went up to gale and sat next to him.

He had a flute in his hand.

Our music teacher Mrs.Alic walked in and smiled when she saw my guitar.

"Okay today class we each have a partner with the same instrament so today you will be working with that partner." She gave us the motion to go get our partners.

Niall walked up to me and smiled.

"Hello Kat im Ni-"I cut him off.

"Niall horan one of the local badasses" I chuckled.

"Well you know my name and steryotype Kat the local new girl." He joked.

"SO what are we supposed to do exactly beside play guitar?" I asked.

"well we are suppose to work on a peice together so like write a song and ten preform it in the talent show. We do this every year." He smiled.

"Thats cool umm i have a few song already made so wanna try them out?" I asked.

"You write music?" he asked.

"Umm yeah sometimes here." i said handing my faverate song.

Its called 'little bird'

Niall started on his guitar and i joined in. I started singing.

"We could fix it up" I said when we finished.

"Its perfect!" Niall smiled.

I laughed. "Thanks Niall but its about loving someone then breaking up. its a sad song" I said.

"Exactly Lets ask the teacher about it." He said then raised his hand.

I blushed nervously. The teacher came up to us and Niall handed her my song.

she read it then reread it.

Se looked at Niall.

"Did you write this nialler?''she asked.

"No Kat did." He said.

I blushed more.

"This is... AMAZING." She smiled.

"And you made it?" She asked.

"Yeah" I said.

"You could win the talent show with this.'' She said.

"Really?" Niall and me said in unison.

"Yeah." She smiled.

She gave Niall the paper and he gave it to me.

"So your NJH?" I asked.

He blushed and nodded.

"Well you now know who i am Niall." I smiled

"Yeah and you know who i am too." He smiled back.

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