Guitar Girl (1d is sexah)

Kathrine aka Kat was a outragous girl. She had no friends in New York. Her mom got a jod in London and gladly took it. She determinded to be a normal quiet girl who played her guitar alot. She had many bad expirences but she wont give up on her life yet. She always had a smile on her face and had a talent for guitar and writing music. Her motto is 'No ones perfect but everyone is speacil.' Her band is Skrillex. Her life is not a normal one... And thats noy what she needed nor wanted...


3. Introductions and Being Mysteriously sexy

Kat pov

The rest of my first day went in a blurr.

All i know is that i have 7 friends.

For now.

When i got home my mom was gone. Work.

After all she does work for apple.

Thats what makes us kinda rich.Im gonna do what i do on mondays and take a big nap.


I sadly picked up the phone.

"WHAT i was about to take a nap you dick head." I said.

"Sorry but wanna hang out with me at nandos?" Niall asked.

"Can i take a nap?" i asked.

"NO! i want you to meet my mates and bring like 50 pounds because we will be going clubbing." he said.

''Clubbing but i dont drink and i think its a bad idea. I also dont have a car so could you PLEASE pick me up" I said.

"Yeah i will Bye." He said then hung up.

I went to my room and got into black denim shorts. I grabbed my Black beatles shirt and i showed my tattoo i got when i was drunk last year. I had a smiley face on my tummy and under it said 'thug Life'.


I grabbed money from my wallet and pulled on my combat boot. My hair was in a messy but. I looked like a thugged out American. GREAT!

But after all i looked like a local badass and i might be able to to make some badass friends.

My mom wont care because she wants me to be me.

I heard a knocking at the door and saw the 5 boys from dismorning.

Harry said "DAMN GIRL YOU look Damn."

Niall smiled.

Zayn looked at me then mt Tatt.

"I was drunk last year and i woke up with this." I said pointing to the tattoo.

"Im LOUIS TOMLINSON! The Sexy Carrot Eater!" He said putting his hand up like a solder.

"Im Liam Payne the... Normal one in our group." He said.

"Harry Styles and may i say you look badass." He smirked.


"NJH Local Badass." Niall smiled.

I smirked.

"Waz up homies im your bitch Kathrine FO SHIZZLE" I said in a funny american type accent.

Louis looked at me startled. Liam looked like he would crack at any moment. Harry looked sad.

"Sike hey im Kat not your Bitch and i dont know what Fo Shizzle means so dont ever say that to any americans besides me" I said laughing.

Those three started laughing the Zayn and Niall laughed too.

"Okay so could we go?" I asked.

They nodded and walked to a black van.

"Kidnappers?" I asked.

Niall shook his head in mock embaressment.

I hopped in and took my phone out to text my mom where im going.

No Answer. I sighed and turned my phone off.

I miss my dad. I looked at the ground.

Louis was driving. Niall looked at me the whole time. So did Zayn.

What did i do? I wanted to yell.

ughh i feel bi-polor.

I took my phone out and texted gale.

Gale tommorow after school can i get a hug or sum

I was cut off by Harry hugging me.

I smiled.

Not at the fact he Hugged me.

But at the fact that i got a hug.


I turned my phone off and put it in my butt pocket.

I looked at Harry and hugged him back.

A ring of jealousy flashed through Nialls eyes.



I must have said those both aloud because everyone except Louis looked at me.

"Nothing. Go back to being mysterious boys its... ughh... Sexy when you do that." I lied.

Harry smirked and everyone went back to what they were doing. Louis didnt hear us because he was listening to music with earphones. Thank god i dont know what he would do.



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