Guitar Girl (1d is sexah)

Kathrine aka Kat was a outragous girl. She had no friends in New York. Her mom got a jod in London and gladly took it. She determinded to be a normal quiet girl who played her guitar alot. She had many bad expirences but she wont give up on her life yet. She always had a smile on her face and had a talent for guitar and writing music. Her motto is 'No ones perfect but everyone is speacil.' Her band is Skrillex. Her life is not a normal one... And thats noy what she needed nor wanted...


1. Homeroom and notes

Kats POV

Ive been in this part of london for a week. It was winter break so school was coming back today. I dont want friends but normal people have a whole group of 'friends'. Last time i ad a friend i was beat up after about a month of talking to the girl. Se moved. I beat her up too but we both had to switch schools and then i moved to london. YAY... sarcasum.

"Honey come down your gonna be late if you dont start walking now!" My Mom yelled from her office. She was a bog coorprater in the Apple industrys. I picked up my dads guitar and put it away in its case. I grabbed the cschool bag i owned and left my house. I had my guitar because its what make me happy. Not that i smile anymore.

im not a total witch okay im usually really happy. But sadly is the first day of school and im 17 i dont think this is my ideal sitchuation of a monday morning.

When i got to the front steps of the british school i sighed and walked up slowly and ran into the front office.

A lady at the desk looked at me and smiled.

"Hey im Katrina Lynch im New." I smiled. It was fake.

"Katrina yes im Karen heres your program and your locker information is on there too have a great day hun." She said while dismissing me. I left the room and went up a few steps. i looked for locker 126.

When i saw it a boy was standing in front of it flirting with a girl.

I walked up to them. The boy looked at me he was totally a jock.

"Hey can you move i need to get to my locker dude." i said.

The girl looked at me and rolled her eyes.

"Hi im Alex this is my girlfriend Sasha now who the bloody hell are you.." He said smirking.

"Im Katrina but please call me Kat and i just want to get to my locker and put my shit away so i can leave and go to my advisery." I said clearly pissed.

The dude chucked and left the girl followed and i went in my locker.

I put my fathers guitar away and everything else beside my scedule.

All of a sudden the Halls got quiet. I looked to see whats up.

5 Guys walked in. OHH These must be the badasses. Que eye rolling.

The Blond one looked at me and smirked. he winked at me and i just kept trying to fit my guitar in there. he saw my dads 2ed baby and looked shocked.

I chuckled at his face and grabbed my shit i needed and slammed the locker shut. I walked away and went into advirsey. No one was here yet... YES IM EARLY... YOLO... Sike.

I pulled out my ipod and put my music aka Skrillex on and put my green earbuds in.

i sat in a seat in the back and waited for about 10 minutes before a boy with a blue shirt on and a green stripe in his emo style hair walked in. He smiled at me and i took my earbuds off. i smiled for a second before turning my ipod off.

"Are you new around here?" He asked.

"Yeah i am call me Kat." I said.

''Okay Kat im Gale... im gay just letting you know. Is anyone nice to you sofar?" He asked.

"Nahh beside you and a blond badass kid but im sure hes a dickhead."  said muttering the last part.

"Well since Niall was being nice im sure he thinks your hot. Any Who wanna sit with me and my friends during the lunch hour?"He smiled.

''Umm sure was i early or something?" I asked.

''Yeah form starts at 7:30am not 7:20am." He laughed.

"Wow i was early but then agian i like being early im not a badass so what ever." I laughed.

'' Kat could i call you Kitty of KitKat?" He said biting his lip. I laughed.

''Yeah sure" I smiled.

people started to walk in and take seats.

We stoped talking and waited for the last person to walk in. A boy with curly brown hair walked in. Winked at me and sat next to a sluty blond. Gale gave me a note.

~Thats Harry Styled Niall Horans other friend...-Gale~

I looked at Gale and nodded my head in a okay sign thing.

Harry Styles reminds me of Harry Potter. Same amount of letters.

Maybe he has the scars...


The teacher came in.

"Hello im Mr.Helmer we have a new student today her name is Katrina Lynch. Katrina please stand up." He said.

I stood up and smiled.

"What are you called besides Katrina?" Mr.Helmer asked.

"Kat." I said.

"Okay you may sit down now." He said. I sat down. Most people were staring at me.

I Looked at Gale and he just smiled.

He was my only 'friend' and he just smiled...

What a sad sad cruel world.

Gale pulled out a peice of paper and started writing something. He gave me the paper.

~Umm i think your gonna be treated as a newbie so dont do anything they tell you to do beside simple school shit okay...-Gale~ I smirked at his message.


~Sure but really wth are kids here really that rude?-Kat~


~Yeah...-Gale~ FUCK.

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