Camille was left behind by Zayn after his sucessful audition at the xfactor. She felt useless and unwanted. Now, Camile was absolutely gorgeous and has guys practically falling at her feet. She has many friends, but she still feels alone. What will happen when Zayn and Camille get reunited at a totally crazy party?


35. chapter 34


We got the same table that we sat at the first time all of us came to Olive Garden. We all sat in the same spots, too.

"Isn't this ironic?" Jordan asked.

"Very." I smiled.

"Remember the first time we ate here?" Niall asked. "Cami completely hated Zayn."

"And Louis got sick, so, Jordan and I had to bring him home."

"And then we went back to your place and watched the Conjuring."

"Then the power went out." I laughed.

"Good times." Harry concluded.

"Maybe after this we can go watch Deliver Us From Evil."

"If rather not." Zayn said.

"Yeah," I agreed. "I'm not going."

"You're no fun."

"No. You know what we should do?" Jordan's eyes widened. "Everyone loves amusement parks."

Zayn and I shared a knowing look.

"Yeah. That does sound fun." He said.

"And we wouldn't have to watch horror movies." I added.

Grinning, Harry said. "Look at the two love birds."

I giggled and Zayn rolled his eyes. "Right."

"Hey. Everyone here ships you."

"Ships us?"

"Harry, you sound like a fan girl."

"When it comes to Zamille...or Cayn, not that's too much like cyan-"

"Harry, what are you doing?"

"I'm trying to figure out their ship name."

Jordan and I started laughing, and soon, everyone but Harry was laughing, too.

"What. Seriously, which one to you like?"

"We don't need a ship name."

"Yes you do." He insisted. "Every couple does."


"I'm sorry to interrupt, but what would you like to drink?"


After dinner, we all piled into the car.

The amusement park was very crowded, but no one seemed to mind. We all decided to go onto the Ferris wheel, although Camille looked a little uneasy.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Uh huh. Fine."

"Are you sure?"


Only two people were allowed in each of the 'cages' as Camille called them.

"I don't trust this thing." She said, stepping inside.

"You're fine." I smiled. "Just a little lift."

"They don't look sturdy."

"It's alright."

She hesitantly took a seat. As soon as I sat down, she grabbed my hand. I raised an eyebrow.

"I already told you I didn't trust this thing."

After a few moments of waiting, it started moving up.

Camille tightened her grip on my arm when the metal groaned.

"It's fine. Just look out there."

She turned her head to look out the window. Right as she did this, the ride stopped.

"We're going to die." She decided.

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