Camille was left behind by Zayn after his sucessful audition at the xfactor. She felt useless and unwanted. Now, Camile was absolutely gorgeous and has guys practically falling at her feet. She has many friends, but she still feels alone. What will happen when Zayn and Camille get reunited at a totally crazy party?


33. Chapter 33

Camille's Pov.

The concert was over, so Jordan and I were heading back stage. I was excited to see Zayn, talk to him and catch up. A lot of girls were giving me death glares. 

"Cami, they're just jealous."

"Jealous of what?" 

I looked around the room. Everywhere I looked-and I mean everywhere- were girls looking at me like I did something wrong. Like 'How dare she date Zayn Malik?'. I didn't know this would happen, but now I was feeling dumb. How did I not know that this would happen?

"That you got Zayn instead of them."


My mind was somewhere else. I couldn't focus on anything. The people were starting to get blurry, and Jordan's words were slowly getting less audible. The air was getting harder to breathe. I suddenly saw a pair of arms coming toward me.  They hugged me close.

"Wha? Uh, hi."

"All of these people here, don't pay them any attention."

It was hard to keep focus on what the girl was saying. Something about me and Zayn. 

"Me too."


"She's in her own world right now. She's excited to see Zayn. But, in a few minutes, we'll get back to you."

"Ok. Bye Cami."


Jordan opened a heavy door, and walked me to a nearby chair. 

"Are you ok?"


"Do you need water?"

"Not really."

Jordan sighed.

All of the sudden, two doors opened and in came a bunch of people. Or was it five people?

"Jordan, Camille, You're here!" One of them hugged Jordan.

"Hey Camille." I think it was Liam talking to me.


"How are you?"

I nodded  My eyes were slowly starting to close. Liam snapped really loud. Loud enough to silence a whole football field, I think. Wait, a bunch of people on a football field. 

"Is she ok?" He asked.

I opened my mouth to speak, but another voice came out.

"I don't know. Can you get her some water?" Oh, it wasn't me, it was Jordan.

"Yeah, sure."

I watched Liam walk over to the other four guys and tell them something. Then he left. The four people went- came over to me.  

"Cami, whats wrong?" I think that was Harry.

"No, I don't think so."

My mind wasn't working right. What was going on?


Liam came back with the water. "Here, drink this."

I uncapped the lid, brought it to my lips, and took a sip. After that, I dropped it.

"I'm sorry." I apologized.

Zayn touched my forehead, then he touched his. "She has a fever."

"Darn." I mumbled. 

"Lets take her to lay down for a bit, then you can go talk to everyone outside."

The next thing I knew, I wasn't in a chair anymore. I was floating. Actually, I was being carried to a couch. Zayn laid me down. 

"Are you cold?"

"I don't think so."

Well, that sounded stupid. Jordan had another bottle of water, but this time she helped me drink it. 

"Go, guys. I got this." She said.

The boys left to say hi to all of the girls who were giving me mean looks. 

"So, what happened? You we're fine one second, then the next you we're all loopy."

"I don't know." The first thing I said that made sense.

"Do you think you have that thing again? The thing when you had to go to the hospital?"

"I don't think so."

"That's good. Do you want me to call your mom?''

 I was slowly regaining consciousness. People weren't blurry, and I could hear.

"No, I'm ok, now. i think I know what it was."

"Oh, that thing?"

"Yeah. There were so many people."

"Sorry I forgot about that." 

"If it makes you feel any  better, I forgot, too."

After afew more minutes, the guys came back in.

"Are you doing ok?"

"I'm fine."

"Are you sure?"


"What happened?"

"Oh, nothing. Just promise me that they will all be gone when I leave."

"I'm glad you're ok." Zayn said giving me a hug.

I hugged him back.

"So how's everything going?"


"Interesting." Harry said, with an ornery smile. "Zayn is being''

"His normal self." Liam said.

"Yes, but with a hint of-"



"Shut up."

"Fine, then."

Niall walked over to me. "Hey." he smiled.

"Hi. How've you been?"

"Good. How about you?"

"Yeah, good."

I gave him a quick hug.

Louis looked around the room as if he was looking for something. Jordan and Liam were helping him look. 

i sat next to Zayn on the couch.

"So, how's tour?"

"It's fun."

"The concerts?"

"Well, why don't you tell me?" He smiled. "You we're just at one."

"Yeah, I couldn't really focus."


"Uh," I lowered my voice a little. 'I have this thing."

"What thing?" He caught on to my secrecy.

"I'm claustrophobic. I'm not really excited to be."

"Thats nothing to be ashamed of." He said.

"Yeah, but it's not exactly something you want the whole world to know."

"I guess."

"I'm not trying not to make a big deal about this, just please don't tell anyone."

"Ok. So  how have things been for you?"

"Very dramatic."

He laughed. "How so?"

"I'd rather not talk about it. Let's talk about-"

"I'm kind of hungry, can we all go to Olive Garden?" Harry said.

I smiled at Zayn remembering the first time we went to Olive Garden with the guys.

"Sure, why not."

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