Camille was left behind by Zayn after his sucessful audition at the xfactor. She felt useless and unwanted. Now, Camile was absolutely gorgeous and has guys practically falling at her feet. She has many friends, but she still feels alone. What will happen when Zayn and Camille get reunited at a totally crazy party?


30. chapter 30

Camille's Pov

"Cami, baby I'm so sorry."

"What ever, mom." I said walking to my room.

I slammed the door shut and layed down on my bed. My tears were still falling down my face. I heard a knock at the door.

"Camille?" Brady called.


"Can I come in?"


He opened the door and I turned around so he couldn't see me.

"Are you ok?" He asked.

"Yes. I'm fine."

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, Brady, I'm fine."

"Then why are you crying?"

I sighed. "Zayn and I broke up."

"How come?"

"He's going on tour and mom wouldn't let me go."

"So why did you have to break up? Couldn't you still be together?" 

"It's not that easy."


"Can we not play 20 questions right now?"

"I'm sorry."

"Look, Zayn and are still going to be friends, ok? And after tour we are going to get back together."

Brady nodded. "Where did you get that?" He pointed to the ring.

"Zayn gave it to me."

"Is it an engagement ring?!"

"No! I'm 19, not 24."

"Good, because before you two get married him and I are going to have to have a talk."

I laughed. "Oh really?"


"What are you going to talk to him about?"

"That if he ever hurts you then I will kill him and that he isn't allowed to move you back to Bradford unless I come, too."

"Aww!" I give him a hug.

I feel my phone vibrate and I sit up quickly. 

"It's Zayn!"

Zayn: Hey

Camille: Hi

Zayn: Are you doing ok

Camille: kinda. you?

Zayn: same

"What are you talking about?" Brady asks me.


Camille: Where is your next concert?

Zayn: Georgia

Camille: When?

Zayn: next Tuesday

Camille: Ok

Zayn: why

Camille: No reason

"Do you know how I can get concert tickets by next Tuesday?"

"Ask Jordan?" 

"Good idea!"

Zayn: ok.

Camille: im sorry but i gtg

Zayn: aw ok. bye

Camille: bye I love you

Zayn: I love you too


Camille: get us concert tickets for next tuesday in georgia for the boys

Jordan: I thought you went with them

Camille: my mom wouldn't let me

Jordan: ok i'll see what i can do

Camille: you better do it

Jordan: I will


"Thanks Brady! You're a lifesaver!"

"Your welcome."

"Dinner!" mom called.

"Are you gonna eat with us?" Brady asked.

"Um, I guess so. I'm just not going to talk to mom."

Brady looked down, "Ok," He said.

When we got downstairs I saw mom had ordered pizza. Pepperoni pizza. With a liter of rootbeer. She must really be trying to get on my good side again. It won't work...

"Camille, I'm sorry."

"Brady, can you pass me a plate?" He passes one to me hesitantly. 

"You can't just ignore me."

I bit my pizza.

She sighs. "I just want to spend as much time as possible with you. And I want you to be happy, Cami, but life is so short. Your father-"

"Don't you dare bring dad into this!"

"I was just going to say-"

"No, he has nothing to do with it."

"I'm sor-"

"Just leave me alone."

I ran up the stairs while tears threatened to fall. I went into my bathroom and slammed the door shut. The girl in the mirror wasn't me. She had mascara all over her face. Her eyes were red and puffy. Her hair was a mess. She looked like she had been inside her room all Summer. She looked depressed and alone. That's not me. 

I never have mascara on my face or have puffy red eyes. My hair was always neat. I am tan. I'm not alone because I have the best friends a girl could ever ask for and an amazing boyfriend.

Who was in the mirror? Is it the alternate me?

I took a shower, put on pj's and fixed my hair. Then I looked in the mirror. She still didn't look like me. I forced a smile.

It looks like me now.



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