Camille was left behind by Zayn after his sucessful audition at the xfactor. She felt useless and unwanted. Now, Camile was absolutely gorgeous and has guys practically falling at her feet. She has many friends, but she still feels alone. What will happen when Zayn and Camille get reunited at a totally crazy party?


2. Chapter 2

Camille's pov
"Ok, so today, I'm having a party, and I was wondering if you wanted to come?" I look at Erin's hopeful eyes and flash her a smile.
"Of course!" I lie "I wouldn't miss it!"
She shows a big smile and gives me a hug. I'm taken back by this at first but I hug her back. 
"Thanks! Oh, and it's a sleepover. So bring pjs." She grins.
"Ok, when is it?"
"Tonight at six."
"I'll be there." 
She smiles once more and walks away. 
This wouldn't be as weird if I actually knew who she was. People do this all the time. I don't want to be mean and say no, you should see their faces. Filled with distraught. And it breaks my heart to hurt someone.

"Mom, I was invited to a sleepover tonight. So can I go?"
"Yeah. But with who? Jordan, Laney, Sara-"
"Erin." I tell her.
"Yeah, I met her today, and she seems pretty cool."
"Oh, yeah you can go. You do know where she lives right?"
"Camille! Ok you do have her number?"
"She may be in the directory!" 
I look through the thick book trying to find an Erin Miller. 
"Ok, here it is!"
I call her and ask her address and she tells me. Looking at the clock I see that it's 5:30.  Shoot.

"Ohh! You made it!" Erin screams.
"Yeah, like I said I wasn't gonna miss it."
I look around to see shocked unfamiliar faces.
"Uh, hi guys." I nervously wave.
"How on earth?" Asks a girl with red hair and green eyes.
"Hi." Says another girl with blue eyes and brown hair.
"Hello." I say again.
"Girls, this is Camille."
"We know." The one with blue eyes says.
"Oh and this is Alana. And this is Gwen."
Gwen was the brunette and Alana was the red head.
"Hey guys." I say shyly. This wasn't like me, to be shy, but for some reason I was. 
After a few moments of awkward silence, Erin finally pipes up.
"Let's eat something. That always makes things less awkward."
Alana smiles and runs to a room I am assuming is the kitchen. Gwen runs and follows her and I let out a huge sigh.
"I'm sorry about my friends. They just don't know you that well."
"No, no. It's fine."
Once we get into the kitchen I find myself in paradise. Pizza, popcorn, cookies, chips, gummy worms, gummy bears, rice crispy treats, and tons more.
"OMG ERIN!" I squeal, grabbing a handful of m&m's.
"I know right. My mom went to the store last minute to buy all of this!"
Alana looks at me and smiles.
"I am ready to do our annual thing Erin!!!"
"But it's not twelve."
"What is it?" I ask
"We gossip, and since you are the most popular girl in the school you have some juicy stuff, right?"
"Uh, yeah. Tons." I lie.
"Good, lets do it!" Gwen screams.
"No, lets do something else, like Erin said, it's not 12 yet, and that would be breaking the tradition" I say.
I don't know why I'm trying so hard to fit in with these girls, I mean, I have tons of friends already, and if they don't like me it's just two more people to add to the list.
"Ok, then lets move on to something else..."
"Why not look at magazines, we do that too."
"Ok, I like that!" I say
Erin gives us all a magazine. On the cover I see Zayn and I immediately feel a little sad.
"Oh my gosh! One direction!!!" Alana screams.
I flip over the magazine to see Zayn yet again. Letting out a sigh, I open the magazine. 
"Who is your favorite?"
"I guess Zayn." I sigh.
"What's wrong?"
I really felt like I could open up to theses girls even though I've only known them for, like, 20 minutes. 
"Zayn and I used to be best friends. I'm the reason why he is famous. Well, kinda. I mean, I was the one who pushed him to the auditions, knowing he had an amazing voice. He would have never done it on his own, Zayn is too shy."
"So is that why he walked off the stage so fast?"
"Because he is shy, is that why he walked off the stage?"
"Yeah, he was so scared. After he found out he made it he texted me immediately."
"What did he say?"
"Uhm... I think it was about how he didn't think he was gonna make it. I told him I knew he would all along. We texted each other every night but once he got with the band, we didn't text as much because they needed more time to practice."
"I'm so sorry! You must be heart broken!" Gwen says.
"Well that's not the worst. He totally forgot about me now... The three years of fame. But I'm going to see one of the concerts this year. I don't loose my friends that easily."
The three girls give me a hug and say they should talk about something else. So we do. And then we eat and do nails and gossip. It was a pretty fun night.

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