Camille was left behind by Zayn after his sucessful audition at the xfactor. She felt useless and unwanted. Now, Camile was absolutely gorgeous and has guys practically falling at her feet. She has many friends, but she still feels alone. What will happen when Zayn and Camille get reunited at a totally crazy party?


34. A/N

I am Officially the worst person ever! Sorry for not updating in forever, I feel terrible! I'm not going to make up any excuses, Imma just say the truth. I didn't feel like making a new chapter.

I didn't plan on making the wait this long, so I'll try to make an interesting long chapter for you guys. It'll probably be up my tomorrow or Tuesday morning. If it isn't, then I'm sorry and you have the right to throw me into Tartarus. (Sorry I've been reading Percy Jackson, kinda obsessed now)

Any way, sorry for the wait, and also...

Do you guys have any suggestions on what should happen in the next chapter?

Bye lovelies~


P.S: You guys know what's a really feat song? Never say Never by The Fray. You should listen to's perfection

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