Is this really happening?

Alexis and her friends ,Kaylee, Raylin and Lexi are Youtubers. I guess you can say they're Youtube famous. What happens when the members of One Direction DM their twitter account . Will they meet ? Will they fall in love ? Or will their Youtube career crash down ?


2. The next day

Alexis's POV. I woke up at about 11:20am so I decided to take a shower. When I got out I put on Victoria Secret Cheeta print shorts , a Ramones tank top , black Supras and I curled my hair . I put on my make up and then I put on an OBEY snapback . After that I went downstairs and saw the girls laughing about something. " What?" I asked. "Its just that you and Harry Styles look like twins," Raylin said. "And how is that funny?" . "Its not just that , its mostly the video we posted last night! It has over 5 million views!" Lexi said. "Yeah so thanks for publicly embarrassing me !" Kaylee said while peeling a banana . "So Raylin, Lexi and Alexis you better be sleeping with one eye open for the rest of your life!". "And the revenge begins!"I said while fixing myself some cereal. "So what are we gonna do today ?" Raylin asked . "Well I was thinking that we could go shopping and surprise anyfans that reconize us !" Kaylee said. "Sounds good to me !" I said . I finished Eating and so did the others .I grabbed my keys and we headed out . Once we reached the mall we parked the car and walked towards Starbucks. Gotta have my coffee ! I ordered mine and I found us a table after the girls ordered they walked over and sat down. "So where should we go next ?" Lexi asked. "WET SEAL!" I screamed . Everyone in the cafe stared at me . "Sorry" I said while looking down. "This is gonna be great !" Kaylee said. I looked up and saw that she was filming. "YOU FILMED THAT!?" I screamed again. "Revenge baby!" She said. I shook my head. "UNICORN PRINCESS YOUR COFFEE IS READY!" The lady at the front said. "Oh my gosh Alexis did you ser-" I cut Raylin off . "Yes I did cause I don't want too many people to reconize me , only an idiot would use their real name!" I said and walked away to get my coffee before they could say anything. I payed and grabbed my cup. Suddenly my phone went off. I opened it and I saw it . The best thing in the world. The only thing that I've ever wanted . It was....

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