Is this really happening?

Alexis and her friends ,Kaylee, Raylin and Lexi are Youtubers. I guess you can say they're Youtube famous. What happens when the members of One Direction DM their twitter account . Will they meet ? Will they fall in love ? Or will their Youtube career crash down ?


6. One more day !!!!

Alexis's POV. Today is the day before the One Direction concert !!! Yayyy!! One more day left ! Me and the girls decided to go shopping for something to wear at the concert. Right now Raylin and Lexi keep giving each other sexy glares and winks and Kaylee  keeps grumbling about not being able to find anything to wear. They don't even notice that I'm filming this . We decided to just go to Wet Seal and get a dress or something . I found this really cute white pattern floral dress that was strapless and it stopped right above my knee . I also pick out a small jean jacket and ankle boots to go with it ! I took it into the dressing room and put it on . It was really cute but not too fancy . I decided to buy that with a pair of red skinny jeans and a blue and white stripped shirt for Lexi . Her birthday is coming up and I'm pretty sure she'll like them ! Kaylee got a yellow sundress with golden wedges. Raylin got a white floral dress with white heels. And Lexi got a green chevron dress and white flats . We paid and headed towards Subway. We told the person what we wanted and waited til everyones was done then we sat at a table. Once we finished eating we ran to the carbecause it was raining and hopped in. I blasted the heat the whole way home . When we got home we ran in and kicked our shoes off. I jumped up the stairs and hung my dress up and my other stuff. It was 10:00 pm and I was really tired . "NIGHT GUYS LOVE YOU !" I yelled so they would hear me . "NIGHT WE LOVE YOU TOO!" They screamed back. I set my alarm on my phone to 9:30 am and turned the lights off and drifted off to sleep . 

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