Is this really happening?

Alexis and her friends ,Kaylee, Raylin and Lexi are Youtubers. I guess you can say they're Youtube famous. What happens when the members of One Direction DM their twitter account . Will they meet ? Will they fall in love ? Or will their Youtube career crash down ?


3. OMG!!!!!

Alexis's POV. I literally dropped my coffee! It was a DM from ONE FREAKING DIRECTION!!!! I was fangirling soo hard that I couldn't stand still! Everyone was staring at me but I didn't care. I opened it and read it . It said : Hey Alexis, Raylin,Lexi and Kaylee ! We love your Youtube videos ! You guys are hilarious and we hope to see ya someday! Love - One Direction.   I screamed at the top of my lungs and ran over to our table. "GUYS GUYS YOU WONT BELIEVE OMG ASDFGHJKLQWERTYUIOPZXCVBNM!!!!!!" I said quickly. "Alexis use your words ," Kaylee said. "SHUT UP AND LOOK FOR YOURSELF!" I said getting even more excited. "OMG" ."IS THAT REA-" "OF COURSE ITS REALLY THEM !" I said cutting them off. "OH MY GOSH NO WAY ! " they said screaming. "I KNOW AND THEY SAID THAT THEY HOPE TO SEE US SOMEDAY!" I screamed. By now everyone stopped what they were doing and they were watching us . " Are those those famous girls from youtube?" One person said. "OH MY GOSH ITS ALEXIS, RAYLIN, KAYLEE, AND LEXI !!" Some girl screamed. "Umm girls it looks like our cover has been blown , let's run. " I whispered. "But what about our coffee ?" Kaylee asked. "Forget it and leave a $20 on the counter!" I whispered again. "Ok so on 3 we run !" Lexi said. 1...2...3!!" We ran by the front counter and left the money and then we ran outside and hid behind a dumster. By now a huge crowd had formed and they ran around the corner. "Wow! I didn't think that we were that famous!" Lexi said. "Yeah but we should go back home now, I dont feel like shopping anymore. " I said. They nodded and we ran back to our car . The whole way back home I kept thinking about how cool it would be if we actually met One Direction. But I know it'll never happen....

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