Is this really happening?

Alexis and her friends ,Kaylee, Raylin and Lexi are Youtubers. I guess you can say they're Youtube famous. What happens when the members of One Direction DM their twitter account . Will they meet ? Will they fall in love ? Or will their Youtube career crash down ?


7. it's today!!!

Raylin's POV. TODAY IS THE DAY!!!! I'M SOOO EXCITED! Anyways I just finished putting on my dress. Now my make-up. Once I put that on I fixed my hair and straightened it. I walked downstairs and noticed that everyone was ready to go. We hopped in the car and headed off . This is gonna be soo much fun!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Alexis's POV. OMG !!!! I can't believe this is actually happening! I've always wanted to meet them and now I have backstage and concert tickets!!! We pulled up at the arena and parked the car . We walked up to the front and gave the man our tickets. We were early so not that many people were here. It was about time to go to the meet and greet so we walked towards the back of the stage and told the man what we were here for and we showed him our passes. "Go on girls," the man said opening the door for us."Thanks" Kaylee said grinning like a clown. Once we walked in there were tons of girls in lines or in groups fangirling. The boys weren't out yet so we tried to hide ourselves from the girls, but it was too late. "is that Kaylee?" One girl asked. "Oh my gosh it is !" Another girl screamed. 3 body guards came running infront of us. Another body guard guided us to another room. This time it was completely empy. "Just wait here and the boys will be in here in about and hour or so. " he said . We nodded our heads and he left. "So what now?" Lexi asked. "I guess we just wait" I said. "I just hope that they don't forget." Raylin said. "Me too" Kaylee said. And thats what we did . We waited and waited. It felt like hours have gone by . Until they walked in.......

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