Is this really happening?

Alexis and her friends ,Kaylee, Raylin and Lexi are Youtubers. I guess you can say they're Youtube famous. What happens when the members of One Direction DM their twitter account . Will they meet ? Will they fall in love ? Or will their Youtube career crash down ?


5. Dont listen .

Lexi's POV. I woke up at about 6:30 am . Yeah I know its really early but I haven't been able to sleep that much lately. I walked down the stairs amd saw Alexis laying on the couch crying. I walked up to her. "What's wrong Alexis ?" I asked. " its just that I've *sniff* have been getting *sniff* a lot of hate lately. " she said. "Alexis don't listen to them ! They're probably just jealous !"  We've all been getting hate lately and I'm starting to get annoyed . " Jealous of what ?! I have nothing that they would want and everything they say is true !" "How about me and you go get some Starbucks?" I asked. "Is Starbucks even open at like 7:00 in the morning ?" "Yep , they better be !" I smiled. She nodded and stood up "I'm gonna go get dressed !" She said. "Ok so am I !" We both went our seperate ways . Once I got to my room I put on black skinny jeans , an arrow sweat shirt , white combat boots , and I put my hair up in a bun. I put on a little bit of mascara and I was done. I went back downstairs and saw Alexis sitting on the stool , she was on her phone. She was wearing a blue GEEK shirt , dark washed skinny jeans , and whit combat boots same as me . She was also wearing a camera necklace , and camera earings with a bow ring. "You ready ?" I asked. "Yes ma'm !" She said with a salute. I laughed. "Ok let's go!" We ran out the door and hopped in the car. Once we got there Alexis ran in like a little kid . She was so hilarious . I wish that I got that on film. I walked in and ordered a Double chocolate chip creme milkshake thingy and Alexis ordered a Vanilla Bean one. And of course she used a funny name . We waited til they called our name . Once they did we got it and went back out to the car. We decided to go back home since it was so early . I finished mine once we pulled up to the house . "Thank you Lexi !" Alexis said as she hugged me . "You're welcome Alexis but I think I'm gonna go back to sleep I'm really tired and its only 8:00 ," " ok I'll be down here if you need me ," I nodded and ran up the stairs . I put on my pj's and jumped in the bed . 

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