I Need Your Love

Carly and Harry have this on/off relationship. Every time they're off something bad happens. She needs protection and Harry is the only one. "I need your love." Carly whispered to Harry. But then Zayn came in the picture..Try not to fall in love with both, just try. Read to find out how she managed to stop..does she stop loving both? Read to find out.


2. We Meet Up

  pg.3                                                      We Meet Up


                 Waking  up at seven in the morning, I took a long shower. Washing the water away from my eyes I see a stream of blood going down the drain. My eyes popped and I screamed, my parents had already gone to work at the UCSF (San Francisco hospital). I saw there was a bullet in my leg, I guess when I was knocked out on the floor last night when I was drunk those bitches shot me. I wanted to call the cops but I didn't because I realized part of it was my fault for being drunk. I was in pain screaming. After I took a shower, walking to my room with a towel wrapped around me limping, blood was still dripping. I hardly got dressed and wrapped my leg with my parents' first aid kit large bandage. I didn't want to tell my parents because they would ban me from drinking. Sorry but I can not live without wine, lol. Thank god it was a Saturday and I had no school. Laying down on my master bed, my phone rang and It was Harry. I forgot all about him - no offence to him. 



             I could hardly speak with the pain I was having. "Carly I am so sorry." he said sounding so sad.

"No-o, I am so-rr-y" I said with cracks and spaces in my words.

"Carly, are you OK?!" he questioned sounding worried.

"I go-t sho-t." I said crying.

"I am coming right now." he damanded.

"No I am on-ly wea-ring a bra and shorts." I said begging him not to come even though I wanted to see his beautiful face and body.

"It's ok , I'll help you get dressed, babe." he said softly. 



 He came in from the front, the door was unlocked from my parents. Running up the stairs he came in my room.

"Oh, Carly!" he said with a tear coming down his face with dry lips. I felt awkward because I was almost naked.

"It's going to be ok." I said crying, It wasn't going to be ok. He held my hand and sat on the side table aside my bed.

"Let me see your leg." he grabbed it and saw blood all over my bed.

"Ahhhhhhh!" I screamed, crying.

"Sorry baby." he whipped his tear and kissed me on the lips and there was that spark again. Somehow I felt that I healed and the pain stopped when  he did that. He went back after the kiss but I pulled him over to me again and started kissing him even more. He came on the other side of the bed and soon enough I was on top of him. I whispered on his neck the words, "your kiss heals me." Then I removed his shirt and we were kissing for hours until I fell asleep. He washed the blood then he gave me some clothes and tucked me in and said he will be back when I wake up. I saw his shirt was covered in blood and he had to go home shirtless, I thought it was sexy though because he had huge muscles and abbs.


                        HARRY'S P.O.V


"Carly, I'm back, you awake?" I said out of breath, running up her fancy stairs. Silence was all I heard from her, I started to worry. Walking in the room I gasped with my hands covering my mouth. I saw her laying on her bed pale white and blue lips. Her leg must had gotton infected -badly.

"Carly?" I asked hoping she was just sleeping instead of dead.

"CARLY, please!" I started to cry, the love of my dreams was dead, gone, gone, the last time I cried was middle school when my grandma passed. I was walking back and fourth pulling my hair, scared not knowing what to do. Dialing 911, I heard a scrachy whisper behind me.

"I love you." it was Carly, she had a tear coming down her face with blue lips pealing. She had a slight smile.

"Carly, you scared me." I ran towards her bed and squeezed her hands and pulled them to my mouth, I started kissing and breathing on them to make them warm. She was shaking of coldness in the middle of summer. I grabbed her and held her and ran down the stairs. I put her in my Mustang and I drove off to UCSF hospital.

    I was driving so fast and every minute I looked back at Carly who was laying in the back seats.

"Carly, your mine, you will always be. I am not gonna let you die, no, not tonight baby, please, don't give up on me!" At sixteen I felt like twenty, I was confident Carly is going to be my wife soon. She didn't answer she couldn't talk and her last words were "I love you". She just stared and tried to smile and her eyes were closing."PLEASE, baby, I love you!" I cried.

    We got there and I grabbed her and carried her out and in to the large building; running.

"Someone help!" I screamed down the hall of doctors and nurses.

"Well, honey, your going to have to wait in the waiting room to check in, and then wait again." a nurse said with a smile like she didn't care there was a soon - to - be - dead girl in my arms.

"NO! She's about to fucking die!" I screamed, I was furious and pissed. A doctor came in and got her a room as soon as possible, finally.I was waiting for hours until a doctor told me her results.

"She will be having leg surgery since it got infected, so she will be in the hospital for about three to two weeks." You take good care of her, son." he said with a smile. Screw him, I am her hero, man. Soon to be boyfriend, well  she's already mine, if any man touches her it will be all on me.

"Hey Carls, how you feeling?" her tan beautiful skin was back and she had her pink lipstick on.

"I love you." she said out of nowhere. 

"So, that means your feeling alright?" I said with a smirk.

"I love you too babe." I said with a smile. She started crying.

"No, I hate you." she looked pissed, just a second ago she loved me,ugh, women.

"Wtf?" I was confused

"I can't believe we aren't even official! You don't have the guts to ask me to be your woman?!" she yelled.

"Calm down, and yes your my women." I stated calmly.

"I am not yours Harry, I know you saved me, but we are NOT official." She said in a angry voice.I can't believe this bitch, even though I love her to death, seriously, death.

"Are you serious right now? OK fine, do you want to be my girlfriend?" I said rolling my eyes.

"Yes, OF COURSE! I am kidding with you babe!" she said laughing.

"Yeah very funny.How long were you knocked out?" I said tapping her head, teasing her.

"Aren't you going home, you can't stay for three weeks here, your parents will be worried sick and Barbra will miss you at the bakery, who will help her?" She was right, but there is no way I am leaving Carly, I have to protect her everywhere she goes, and I'll move to her school.

"Hell no I am not leaving you alone!" I demanded.

"Harry, I am safe, this is a hospital, god damn it!" She said like she knew this place.

"You act like you know this place." I said rolling my eyes.

"I do, my parents work he-" she froze.

"What's the matter?" I asked looking at her worried face.

"MY PARENTS WORK HERE!" she tried to hide under her sheets.

"Oh crap, don't worry Carly they will trust me." I said with a confident smile, my head held high.

    I came closer and went on Carly's bed. We starred at each other's eyes her eyes were beautiful hazel. Laying together I kissed her nose then went down and kissed her neck and down to her chest and almost down to her breasts until a nurse came in with Carly's food. Damn it. I almost had a chance.

"Carrots, rice and beans!" the nurse said with a Chinese accent sounding happy.

"Thank you." I answered for Carly.

"I could talk Harry." she said sounding like she isn't a baby. She is one year older than me but will always be my baby, Her body is mine. Nobody else's.




                  Just as I was about to feed her she yelled and all the food spilled down her bra, we started cracking up.

"Harry thanks but stop, I can handle it, seriously. STOP." this time she was serious and I felt rejected.

"Can I take all the food out of your bra?" I asked trying to be flirty. I can tell she liked it because she blushed.

"Sure thing baby -NOT." she said getting me excited for nothing.

"I have to,all the cords are in your way." I said acting like that was the actual reason.

"Fine, but I know you just wanna see my boobs." she said smiling with her red face from blushing.

" I am your man so it's ok, a man's gotta do, what a man's gotta do." I said laughing so loud someone was about to come in. Meantime I removed her pink Victoria's Seceret  bra and rice and carrots fell out tickling her.

"Thanks." she said. We looked into each others eyes and I started massaging her boobs for her. She started moaning.

"Sto-pp Har-ry." she said still moaning in my ear.

"I know you don't want me too." I smirked.

"F you." she said smiling.

"What time?" I asked in a serious tone.


                                               CARLY'S P.O.V

   Feeling so good but so uncomfortable, Harry was healing me not the doctor. I needed his love. Starring at Harry while he cups his hands around my breasts I was paying attention to more of his charming-ness and his hair and his blue eyes then the good feeling of it. He was so dirty but so cute. While Harry was still doing it to me a lady with a white coat walked in to prepare me for the surgery. It wasn't just any lady, It was my mother, catching me with a hot guy rubbing my boobs, and a bullet in my leg. I was screwed.

"Excuse me?" she said in a yelling tone. Harry quickly stopped what he was doing putting my shirt down and hiding his hands behind his back. He turned red, pour Harry.

"Hi ma'am, I am Harry." he said shaking nervously, letting his hand out to shake her hand.

"Hello, my name is, very angry and want you to get lost, NOW." she said turning red, rejecting his hand shake leaving his hand hanging.Harry ran out and grabbed his leather jacket. I know he isn't going to leave this building. He came back in.

"Carly!" he yelled but the door got slammed to his face.

"Mom!?" I screamed at her about to cry.

"Shut up! she yelled, What were you doing letting a boy touch your breasts ? Who is he? What the hell is wrong with you? I trusted you Carly, I did." she said turning her face to the other side of the room.

"Moth-" I was about to say until she interrupted me.

"Why are you getting surgery, let me guess, that kid got you pregnant, too?!" she was so mad, so wrong.

"No! Mom, no! He saved my life, he is my boyfriend, Harry Styles, why would you tell him off like that without giving him a chance! I am 17 now mom I think I could have a boyfriend now!" I said sniffing my nose ,crying.

"Why didn't you tell me before,that he was your boyfriend, why didn't you call me earlier?" she asked, yelling.

"If you had gave me a chance, Mom!" I screamed, this whole convo has been yelling.

"What happened?"she asked with a long "happened".

"Look at my leg and there's your answer,I got shot at a bar!" I was balling my eyes.

"OH my gosh, no more drinking, no more bars, and no more physical contact with that Harry kid!"she was pissed.

"Mom, if there was no physical contact between us, I would be dead right now!" I said still crying.

"Call him up, NOW, and only NOW." she said 

"Here, just type "H" in the search bar for my contacts."I instructed her to do,handing her my IPhone.

"Hello, Harry? my mom asked rolling her eyes.Yeah come here, now." then she hung up.

"So?" I asked what was happening.

"Of course, he said he was still in front of the room." she said again rolling her eyes.

  I smiled to myself proud of Harry, loving him so much. He walked in and the smell of his fancy cologne came in my nostrils.He walked in with his hair flowing back and his leather jacket hanging on his shoulder. He is so sexy, 16 but looking like 20. I get distracted so quickly by his looks.

Harry told my mom exactly what happened from day one of our relationship. My mom forgave him and took care of  me,and my leg was fixed, but I had to stay another week to be able to walk, and of course Harry stayed with me the whole time 24/7.My mom was still mad though, I know she will get over it by tomorrow.






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