I Need Your Love

Carly and Harry have this on/off relationship. Every time they're off something bad happens. She needs protection and Harry is the only one. "I need your love." Carly whispered to Harry. But then Zayn came in the picture..Try not to fall in love with both, just try. Read to find out how she managed to stop..does she stop loving both? Read to find out.


25. Harry is Home







 I unlocked the door and Harry swept me off of the floor and twirled me inside our apartment.

"Don't you ever do this to me again!" I said as he put me down. Tears of joy came down my cheeks.

"I miss you.You never really came to see me." He sighed. Then I remembered seeing drugs in his hand that one time.

We sat down on the dining chairs.

"We need to talk."I told him seriously.

"About..?" He asked.

"Your not on drugs are you?" I said feeling like crying again.

"Oh..no! Umm...See that tme when you came I was acting weird..This guy gave me drugs, but I swear that was the first and last time..I am so sorry..I was out of my mind!" He confessed.

"It's ok..but please don't ever do that again." I said folding my arms.

Harry came closer to me and kissed my lips softly.

"I miss the touch of your lips." He smirked.

I just smiled. Then felt guilty again and remembered Zayn.

"Harry.."I said nervously as I stared into his emerald crystal-like eyes.

"Yes?" he asked sweeping a strand of hair out of my face.

"It's about Zayn..." I said my voice shaky.

"Oh yeah! His wedding!" He said interrupting me.

But he kind of saved me. I don't think I'm ready to tell him,I just can't.

"Yeah, that." I lied.

"Your coming with me, I'm so excited." He said squeezing my hand.

"Yeah.." I sighed.

"Aren't you just so happy for them?" He asked.

"Oh yeah, extremely." I said rolling my eyes. But Harry didn't notice.

"Babe..I have something very sad to tell you.." Harry said kissing my hand.I love how he comforts me.

"What?" I said nervously.

"Tour. Tour is five days after Zayn's wedding, and we're leaving for three months," He said.

My heart sank. I totally forgot.

"Bu- But! Harry!"I wailed like a baby.

"Shhh..I know." He said.

"We are going to have barely anytime together and I haven't seen you in two weeks!" I yelled.

"I know. We have to make plans so we're together every second." He said dramatically,then added,"How about sex every night, you and me?"He said and smirked as I playfully punched his arm.

"No Harry, just stop." I said, laughing.

"I miss the good old times." Harry said leaning in to kiss me.

"I'm glad your home." I said through the kisses.


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