I Need Your Love

Carly and Harry have this on/off relationship. Every time they're off something bad happens. She needs protection and Harry is the only one. "I need your love." Carly whispered to Harry. But then Zayn came in the picture..Try not to fall in love with both, just try. Read to find out how she managed to stop..does she stop loving both? Read to find out.


15. Happy Again?




Harry's POV





                        I walked into the apartment from the hospital with my crutches and noticed Carly was sleeping inside our bedroom.

"Carly, wake up, it's like twelve in the afternoon!" I laughed pushing her to get up.

"Oh my gosh." She got up in fear breathing so hardly.

"What the hell?" I felt her head to see if she had a fever.

"I had the worst nightmare ever!" She started to cry and hugged me as I was on the edge of her bed and I felt her heart beat fast.

"Zayn raped me and, and, he shot you!" She screamed.

"Shhhh, it's over now, babe. Your awake, with me now." I gently rubbed her back and kissed her forehead.

"I love you so damn much." She giggled.


Carly's POV


I keep having bad dreams about my abortion. I can't keep hiding the fact that I can't have babies to Harry. How the hell am I supposed to tell him. He'll leave me for some other lady who can have children. But I love Harry and I don't want him to leave me. I want us to be back together and never break up.

I thought about it. I changed my clothes and went to the kitchen, where Harry was.

"Harry, will you ever leave me, even if I had a disability...?" I asked then he gave me a weird look.

"It depends what kind of disability." He chuckled.

"Harry, I'm serious." I folded my arms.

"Of course I will never leave you, and in fact, will you be my girlfriend?" He asked. My heart bounced.

"It feels like we are already together, I forgot..and yes!" I said kissing his nose. Then he grabbed my waist and soothed is lips on to mine and then his tongue got involved.

I pushed him away.

"What?" He asked.

"I don't know...Harry..this doesn't feel right.."I said, "How are you and Zayn doing?" I asked randomly to change the subject.

"We got along, I am still mad at him though, but he's like my brother I have to love him..and why do you feel uncomfortable Carly?" He grabbed me to kiss again.

"No." I said pulling him away. I just felt so guilty of hiding the fact that the abortion has ruined the fact that we could start a family.

"Carly, are you hiding something?" He asked pointing at me.

I pulled his finger down, "No, I, umm...." I tried to think of a lie, "I am scared we might have sex..."

"What's wrong with having sex anyways?" He asked.

"Ummm.. I..am on my period, Harry." I lied.

"Oh..sorry....girl things eh?" He chuckled.

"Umm yeah.." I played along.

He grabbed my hand.

"Carly, I can't wait to get married and have children with you, only you, I love you so much!" He squeezed my hand harder. Oh fuck. He's so excited to have a family.

"Yeah." I looked down at the floor.

"Harry...I have to tell..you..something." I said letting go of his hand.

"What is it baby?" He lifted my chin up for me to look at him. But I already had tears in my eyes.

"I- I'm pregnant." I lied. Why? OMFG. I was going to tell him the truth but then I changed my mind in the middle of it.

"With.." He asked.

"Remember when we had sex..that night.." I lied again..god forgive me after this.

"Oh my gosh! We're having a baby!" He shouted with excitement. Then he put his crutches down, bent down on his knees, and lifted my shirt and kissed my skinny belly.

Oh. Fuck.





A.N: **This is probably my last update in a long time because I am having very less comments lately..more please, and I'll update sooner.:) thanks and love you!!!




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