I Need Your Love

Carly and Harry have this on/off relationship. Every time they're off something bad happens. She needs protection and Harry is the only one. "I need your love." Carly whispered to Harry. But then Zayn came in the picture..Try not to fall in love with both, just try. Read to find out how she managed to stop..does she stop loving both? Read to find out.


27. Go Home



I heard a sudden gasp in the darkness. I was still sitting next to the dumpsters in front of the restaurant.

"Carly?" I heard and saw Zayn standing in front of me.

He took his hand out to help me up.

"What happened!? Where the hell is Harry?" He asked in shock.

"I don't know." I shrugged.

He lifted my chin up with his fingertips. We had eye contact now.

"What happened?"  he said. His warm brown eyes were dazzling in the night sky.

"Harry and I .... got into a huge fight.." I trailed off, starting to cry.

"Because of me, huh?" He said in shame.

"No..don't blame yourself." I said.

"Where is everybody else?" I asked.

"Waiting inside the limo. And...Harry is..?" He asked.

"Oh..I  don't know..I think he left to go home." I sighed.

He brushed a tear away from my cheek with the back of his hand.

"I'm sorry, Zayn..for ruining your last single days...and this 'date'." I said.

"No..it's all my fault..for even inviting Perrie with us..." He said.

"You guys are engaged!" I pointed out.

"I don't know why..." He said.

"Why?" I asked.

"She's the one who made me propose..and management made me even go out with her. For fame." He said..I was shocked!

"What!?" I shouted. Then I covered my mouth so I don't disturb anyone. 

"Yeah..believe it when I say I like you more..I love you more." He whispered, I got chills down my spine.

"Let's go." I finally said.

"Alright." He said giving me a warming hug before we went to the limo.

He made my night. I found myself smiling like a retard.

I got in the limo and gasps filled the vehical and "where were you's" came through my ears.

I lied just saying Harry got sick.

I got dropped off and Zayn walked me out.

He hugged me and whispered: "If you need anything call me."

I just smirked. We went behind the wall and he leaned in to kiss my lips.

I backed away.

"No. Harry might see." I said pulling him away. 

"Ok.Bye." He said with a hurt voice.

I walked up the stairs of the apartment and went to our front door. I didn't have the keys so I slightly knocked. I bit my bottom lip until I could taste blood that tasted like copper, as if I were sucking on a penny. I tapped my foot quickly on the floor. Nobody answered. Maybe he fell asleep. Maybe he wasn't here. I was alone in the dark wishing for Zayn's comfort or Harry's presence. Then the door opened a little bit.

"Harry?" I asked. Well, duh, who else?

He didn't say anything he just opened the door wide enough for me to come in.

"Babe, please don't do this." I said following him to our bedroom.

He didn't answer and I noticed his jaw clench.

"Harry! If you love me you wouldn't do this shit!" I yelled.

"Well neither would you." He said straightly.

My heart sank. Stop, Harry.Tears rolled down my warm cheeks.

"Please!" I begged yanking his arm.

"Please what!? How can you do this to me? Who do you love Zayn or me?! Choose Carly, choose!" He yelled that almost felt like the apartment was going to shake.

"I'm sorry. Ok. SORRY." I stomped to the living room. I forgot that my clothes were in the room where Harry was going to sleep in- our room.

I went back in finding Harry's face in his hands, sobbing. O.Mah.God. I feel so bad!

I changed right in front of Harry, washed my makeup off and held my hair in a bun. 

I went beside Harry and put my arms around his warm shirtless body.

"I love you.." I whispered in his hair. And left to sleep in the living room.

I thought about this...

College is coming....I need to visit my mom....I can't choose between Harry or Zayn......They are going on tour....

I need to leave. I need to start fresh.

I am packing tomorrow and leaving for Canada to start school. 

Harry won't know. I wiped my tears and continued sobbing with such an idea a came up with. How can I leave him? Well..he's leaving any ways. We need to start living seprate lives

I started to pack now, actually.

It was about 12:00 pm and I finished packing. I wrote a note to Harry.

Before I left, I took a last glance at Harry sleeping beautifully. Tears started rolling down my cheeks again.

"Goodbye..love..I will mi-miss you..." I whispered between quite sobs.

"Bye Harry."

I left. I looked up at the night sky and whispered: "Goodbye Zayn..goodbye London."

As the taxi arrived I wiped my tears and looked out at the window the whole ride.




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