I Need Your Love

Carly and Harry have this on/off relationship. Every time they're off something bad happens. She needs protection and Harry is the only one. "I need your love." Carly whispered to Harry. But then Zayn came in the picture..Try not to fall in love with both, just try. Read to find out how she managed to stop..does she stop loving both? Read to find out.


20. A Visit




I was still walking home in the dark alone. But Zayn kept texting me.

Z:"I really do have feelings still, for you, Carly."

C:"Zayn, you shouldn't, I don't care you are getting married, I am actually happy 4 u."

Z: "Then why were u upset."

C: "Because my boyfriend's in jail."

Z: "Then stay with me."

C: "How could you expect a girl living with you for two weeks when you already have another woman living with you. So not right."

Z: "I'm just trying to help."

C: "Thanks for the help, but I don't need it."

Z: "Ok, Bye."

    I thought to myself. Maybe this is how Zayn felt when Harry and I got back together. I don't know. 



I was standing against a stop sign. I was so tired and my apartment was still so far, so I just called a taxi cab. Instead of going home I thought I should probably visit Harry.

The taxi came.


I walked inside of the prison and asked an officer if I could visit Harry.

"Sure, just go straight and turn to your right down the hall, the other officer will release him to talk on the phone. Don't stay long." He said.

"Umm, thanks." I told him.

I walked down the hall quickly, my heart beating fast. This was a moldy dark prison, with lights flickering on and off down the hall and dirty floor tile. Finally, I got there, to the telephone line and Harry was already there. Behind the glass window wearing orange.

I couldn't help but to cry. I picked up the phone. Harry had tears in his eyes too.

There was silence. We just sat there staring in each other's eyes, crying. Then he put his hand on the glass and I put my hand on the glass where he put it, so it looks like we're touching hands.

I sniffled.

"Ha-Harry...why?" I shrieked.

"I'm so-sorry. Are you okay..are y-you safe?" He asked.

"Without you? Of course I'm n-not safe." I said, my voice quivering.

"I'll be home s-soon..." He said. Then he turned around to hide his face from crying and I heard him cry even harder. I wish I could be there to stroke his back.

Then he got off of his chair, without saying good-bye, and the officer took him. I think he couldn't handle it anymore.

I put the phone down.

I left the building and called a taxi and went home. Why is love so complicated? Right now, I don't think I even want love. I just want to call my girlfriends for a sleepover. Even though its eleven thirty. I'm sure they're up.







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