Pain, Agony and...Love??

Jessie is having a hard time with her life. No one understands, everyone thinks she has a great life, her parents have been married for 17 years, they are still romancing each other and they only argue. She gets somethings she wants and her family loves her. Jessie is always happy, fun and outgoing, she laughs whenever she can and does what she wants. But what is going on under all the happiness?? Will a boy help or make it worse...


4. unsure


My dad has only been home for 4 days and he has to go back out for another business trip. I begged him to stay, using everything I could think of to make him break, but nothing worked. He kept telling me that he would loose his job, so I finally stopped and when it was time for him to leave I rode to the airport with him and Alex. We had a tight group hug right before Dad went into the check line thingy, I had tears running down my face, Dad just wiped them away and kissed my forehead. Alex and I walked solemnly back to the car and then when we were getting close to our house he turned to me.

"Do you want to get some snacks and have a movie marathon?"

"As long as we can get some snacks!!" I smiled at him, He nodded and turned the car around to go back to the store. I got some popcorn kernels, to make home-made popcorn and picked up some more butter, then grabbed a huge bag of m&ms. He went straight for the chips, he got about 6 different bags of chips and a case of Mountain Dew. 

"Can we have a Lord of the Rings marathon?" Alex looked at me with puppy dog eyes. I huffed,

"Sure, why not?" He grinned and when we got home he raced inside to set everything up while I changed into sweats and a tight black T. I threw my hair in a bun and went to the kitchen to make my popcorn. I put some butter in the microwave and started on my popcorn. It took about 5 minutes, I grabbed my bowl of popcorn and my bag of m&m's, plopped on the couch and waited for Alex. He came running into the room and closed the blinds. Now it was pitch black. 

"Hey Al....."

"SHHHHH! ITS STARTING!!" I rolled my eyes at him and threw some popcorn. We got settled with my feet in his lap, my popcorn and m&m's all gone I drifted off. 


I woke up to my phone ringing right by my ear. Alex was passed out on his end of the couch. The TV was still on and a bag of his chips was on the floor. My phone started ringing again so I answered. 

"Hello?" I mumbled into the phone,

"Do you think you could meet me at our coffee shop?" Rebekah asked, she sounded like she was going to cry so I shot up. 

"Yeah...Um let me get ready...I'll be there in 5." I ended the call and ran upstairs. Her parents must be fighting again, that is all they ever seem to do, ever since their precious baby boy went off the play football (Soccer).

I just wiped on some eyeliner and fixed my bun, I kicked my sweats off and pulled on some purple leggings and a scarf to match, strapped on my silver gladiators and was out the door with my phone, money and keys in my hand. 


I parked at the parking dock two blocks away from our coffee shop, I started walking the familiar route when all of a sudden a black sedan stopped and I was pulled roughly into the car. It happened so fast and unexpectedly that I couldn't get out a shout. I was searched but I think I had dropped my phone outside, a blindfold was put over my eyes and a gag around my mouth. I felt the car jerk and spin  until finally it stopped. 

"Stay quiet. Don't call attention to yourself and act like I am your boyfriend." A husky man's voice said from behind me before the blind fold and gag were lifted. He intertwined our fingers together and led me into the hotel. When we got to our room I pulled away. 

"Who are you and why did you kidnap me?" I quickly shot out. 

"I saw you the other day at that party your friend had and decided you had to be mine."

"And you couldn't just find me out shopping and ask for my number and a date?" I sassed with my hand on my hip. 

"I guess that would have been easier, but this had more of a thrill." He grinned at me and started coming towards me. I backed up until my back hit the wall, I felt like prey, and that was exactly what I was to him. 


"I have been waiting at this damn coffee shop for a fucking HOUR ALEX!!! WHERE IS SHE!?" I screamed into the phone. This isn't like Jessie, she would've called and told me that she was going to be running late!

"Becks I would have told you already if I KNEW!!!" He shouted back, I got worried and started walking the sidewalks. 

"I'll check the parking deck! She always parks in the same spot so maybe..." I took in a sharp breath, her keys and phone were laying on the ground right by the road. "Alex....I think someone took her.....Her phone and keys are just laying by the road....."

"Oh shit! I'll call the police." I nodded at the phone then realized what I was doing, 

"Yeah that's a good idea. God Alex I am scared now!" 

"Calm down, did you drive to the shop?"

"No, I took the bus. I will drive her car back."

"Thanks, do you think you could stay here? It would be weird being here alone."

"Yeah I don't think my rents will care." 

"Thanks, see you when you get here."

"I'll be there soon, and Alex? Don't worry...too much." I hung up and went to get the car and then went to my best friends house. 


I have been in the shower for 2 hours, all I have done is scrub at my skin, the creep undressed me, then carried out all his nasty perverted fantasies on me. I have also puked at least 3 times just thinking about what he has done to me, who knows what is next. I heard a light tap on the door and jumped. He came in smiling.

"Hello sexy." I spit at him in disgust. "Now that isn't the way to treat your lover!" He tsked, undressed himself and got in. I had pressed myself as far as I could to get away from him. It didn't stop him though, He grabbed my waist hard and pulled me to him. He ground his hips into me and bit at my neck. I just let the tears fall knowing he wouldn't notice or care. 

All my hope slipped away in the past 5 hours I have been here. I can't see myself ever getting out of the hell.


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