Pain, Agony and...Love??

Jessie is having a hard time with her life. No one understands, everyone thinks she has a great life, her parents have been married for 17 years, they are still romancing each other and they only argue. She gets somethings she wants and her family loves her. Jessie is always happy, fun and outgoing, she laughs whenever she can and does what she wants. But what is going on under all the happiness?? Will a boy help or make it worse...


1. Stuck with my brother


"HEY SLEEPING BEAUTY GET UP!!" My brother Alex screamed in my ear.

"Nooooooooo" I mumbled from under my pillow, and threw a stuffed animal at him blindly. Yes I know, who still sleeps with stuffed animals at age 18? I do, they help with everything. 

"Alrighty you asked for it." I felt the bed sag and then I was being lifted from my bed.

"NO ALEX PLEEEAASSEE I WANT TO SLEEP!!!" I screamed but it didn't affect him,next thing my butt was in a hard wooden chair in the kitchen.

"Nice to see you awake this morning Jessie." Niall said, looking back at me from the fridge. I looked around to see all the other boys from One Direction sitting around my kitchen. 

"Why are they here soo EARLY!?!? This is ridiculous!" 

"Actually it isn't that early, it is 11..." Liam put in after looking at his phone. 

"11 is early, its summer Liam!! Why did you wake me up?" I turned to Alex.

"We need you to help us..." He looked at the boys nervously,

"Go ahead mate we need her help..." Zayn pushed,

"Need my help with what? Alex if you are in trouble you know I will help. No matter what."

"Ya I know, but I am not in trouble..."

"Then who is?"I questioned, then I got it. I looked around and they all had at least one arm behind their back. I acted as though I hadn't and got up to get something out of the fridge, I grabbed their cake and turned around fast. 

"Put the guns, or balloons or whatever they are on the table...all of you...or this cake is going into the sink. It won't even be salvageable." I held it over the sink and slowly the boys put their squirt guns on the table. All except Louis and Harry,

"Lou, Haz, don't do it. Niall will be very upset..." They didn't listen and still squirted me with water. The cake went in the sink, which was filled with bubbles and soapy water. Niall fell to the ground and curled into a ball I went to the fridge again and got the eggs. Before they caught on Harry and Lou both had 2 eggs smeared into their hair and I bolted for the bathroom. I locked the door and went to the window. 

"Jessie!! UNLOCK THE DOOR!!" 

"NEVER!!!" I climbed out the window and ran for Cannons house. I threw their back door open and ran into his basement room. 

"Oh hey Jess. What's up?" He asked from his bed groggily.

"I need to hide...wheres a good spot and if Harry comes you never saw me." He nodded and pointed then fell back on his bed to sleep. I got behind the stairs and pressed myself behind the boxes. I heard Alex come through the back door and then down the stairs.

"Cannon you up??" Harry asked, I didn't hear an answer or movement then feet pounded up the stairs and out of the house. I took a peak around the box, came out, soon I felt arms go around my waist and I was back outside. 

"CANNON NOT YOU TOO!!!!" I shrieked. I was dropped on the ground and soon I was drenched.

"What a great way to start off the summer." Zayn sighed.

"Ya great way, more like horrible,"

"Not to interupt the pitty party but doesn't Rebekah's party start in like an hour?

"OH SHIT!" I screamed and ran inside to get ready. 

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