Pain, Agony and...Love??

Jessie is having a hard time with her life. No one understands, everyone thinks she has a great life, her parents have been married for 17 years, they are still romancing each other and they only argue. She gets somethings she wants and her family loves her. Jessie is always happy, fun and outgoing, she laughs whenever she can and does what she wants. But what is going on under all the happiness?? Will a boy help or make it worse...


5. NIALL!!!!


It has been two weeks of being a sex doll. I don't even try to stop him anymore, all I do is lay on the bed and shower when he makes me. There is no more fight left in me, 

"WHERE IS THERE SOME GOOD FOOD??" I heard a loud familiar Irish voice ask. My head snaps to check and make sure the creep is still in the shower. I wrap a blanket around my body, which now looks skeletal. I run to the door and unlock it. Niall is a few doors down, I sprint towards him. 

"Niall!!" He turns around surprised. 

"Jessie!? Oh god...." He catches me as my legs stop supporting me.

"Niall we need to leave, before he gets out of the shower!!" 

"GOD DAMN IT!!! WHERE YOU GO YOU WHORE!?!?!?" I start shaking and crying. 

"Niall he is coming!!" I whimper, Niall hands me over to a man,

"Please make sure she stays safe." Niall says to the woman who was standing beside the man. Niall turns toward the room I was stuck in as he comes out in just pants. 

"Give her back." The creep growls.

"No. She isn't yours." The guy goes in for a swing but Niall blocks it and knees him in the gut. I turn when I hear car doors  being opened and closed, the boys and Alex are running towards the scene. 

"Niall!! You said you would stop getting into pointless fights!!" Liam scolds. 

"This.....isn't.....pointless.....for.....Jessie...." Niall grunts while keeping the creep back. All of them start scanning the crowd for me. Zayn and Alex see me at the same time but Alex gets to me first. He takes me from the man nodding at the couple for watching over me while Niall fought the man. 

"You had me worried sick."

"Sorry I really couldn't do anything." Just then cop cars came speeding into the parking lot. By now the boys had the guy pinned and each took a turn punching him. 

"Alright fellas. I think you got him." An officer said. Alex gave me to Zayn, marched over and socked the guy across the face...good.

"Sorry I am her brother. I needed to get a punch in." The officer shook his head and chuckled. 

"Where is the rape victim?"

"I am right here." I was holding onto the blanket and Zayn for dear life. 

"Can you take her over to the ambulance? They need to get her checked out." Zayn nodded and strode over the the ambulance. A male nurse took me and laid my on a gurney, They lifted it into the ambulance and shut the doors. The blinds were pulled down and I was left with a female nurse. 

"Hey..." The nurse smiled a warm smile at me. "I am going to need to see under that blanket..." I nodded and let the blanket slide off of me. 

"Oh...sweetie he nearly starved you!" The nurse turned to the cabinets behind her and took out some bags and connected them to my arms. She then started checking my eyes, mouth, and then onto my privates. I had to swallow some pills and she was non-stop making me drink water. When she was done 45 minutes later, she let me go but pulled my brother over, she gave him a piece of paper and said a lot to him. At the end his face paled. 


When the nurse was almost done she put her hand on my arm. 

"It will be a miracle if she doesn't end up pregnant. That man had her trapped in that room for almost 3 weeks and I doubt he was using any sort of protection."

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