Pain, Agony and...Love??

Jessie is having a hard time with her life. No one understands, everyone thinks she has a great life, her parents have been married for 17 years, they are still romancing each other and they only argue. She gets somethings she wants and her family loves her. Jessie is always happy, fun and outgoing, she laughs whenever she can and does what she wants. But what is going on under all the happiness?? Will a boy help or make it worse...


3. DAD!!


I woke up in my bed, I took in a deep breath then let it out and smiled. I reached for my phone and looked at the time. 12:30, just the way to start off the summer, stay out late partying and then sleep half the day away, I slip one of my brother's T-shirts that I stole over my head and throw my hair in a bun. I shuffle to the bathroom still sleepy and get ready for the day, I don't put any make up on. I walk out and run into Liam.

"Oh hey Li. Didn't know you guys stayed last night."

"We weren't planning on it but with you passed out drunk and Alex fuming about it, we thought we would stay to try and calm him down..."

"It didn't work did it?" Liam cringed and I sighed, "Time to face the music I guess." I walked down into the kitchen and got an apple juice juice box and some donuts. I plopped on the stool sitting at the island and started eating. 

"You have the nastiest breakfast in the world." Louis stated watching me eat in disgust.

"Sorry but I am hungry and didn't feel like brewing some coffee, your welcome to make some for me though."

"No need, I got you a caramel macchiato from Starbucks." Alex put the cup in front of me. It smelled sooo good but I restrained myself. 

"What's the catch bro. I love that you got it but I know you are pissed at me for last night, which I was just having fun. Something you need to learn how to do." I snap.

"No catch, a peace offering..."

"There is something else, but hell I am already screwed." With that I pick up the cup and take a big swig of it. "Wow this tastes ten times better with the donuts than the apple juice." I stuff my face full of donuts and coffee.

"Glad you had a refreshing breakfast sis." Alex ruffled my hair and then left the room with out another word. I looked at the boys and they looked just as shocked as I was, we were all waiting for the lecture... What's going on??

"Jessie??" I heard someone call from the front door, "Jessa messa??" Only one man ever called me that. I sprinted to the door and flew into my father's arms. He had been gone for nearly a whole year searching for answers in Australia about what had happened to my step-mother. I didn't really care about her, she has always hated me, and trust me when I say the feeling is mutual. 

"Daddy, your home. Did she come too?"

"No. I can't find any trace of her." Dad sighed and rubbed his hands up and down his face. "What are you wearing!?" He glanced behind me, I looked over my shoulder. Great the boys were all standing there. "AND WITH BOYS IN THE HOUSE!?!? ALLLEEEEXXXX!!!" I cringed,

"Dad non of this is my fault, she won't listen to a thing I tell her. Even Zayn has tried and she still does whatever she wants!!" Alex defended himself immediately.

"Jessie Morgan Allen! Get your butt back to your room and don't came back down until you have something appropriate on." I hung my head while I did the walk of shame, what started out as a great day was turning into a pretty crappy day. I put on some sweats, throw a sweatshirt on and then wrap myself in a comforter. 

"Is THIS  better father?" I snip at my dad. He looks me up and down then smiles,

"I missed you you smart-ass." Dad ruffles his hand threw my hair. 

"WILL YOU PEOPLE STOP MESSING WITH MY HAIR!?!?" I yell frustrated for having to re-do my bun for the 2nd time that morning. Dad and Alex look at each other and then I am on the floor. My hair completely out of the bun while Dad pins me down and Alex tickles me. My legs thrash out and I feel tears I am laughing so hard. 

"Okay! Okay!! STTAAAHHPPPP!!!" I hiss out. Finally they stop and I get up, then I tackle Alex and start tickling him, I stop though before Dad gets to me, I fix my bun for the 3RD time and sit on the couch.

"Who are these young boys who are just standing there?" My dad asks looking at me.

"Wow Dad thanks, I am not that big of a slut. Those are all Alex's friends."

"I am hurt, I thought we were become besties!" Lou pouts, I laugh and hug him. 

"Sorry Lou. Okay Dad they were Alex's friends first but they all like me better because I am less stuck up so now they are all my friends."

"Sorry Jess, but I am going to have to say Alex is my favorite. You would get me in too much trouble." Liam gives me an apologetic look and I pretend to be hurt. 

"Ok so you all are friends got it." My dad shakes all their hands then sits in his chair. 

"So Daddy, how was your trip?" I ask curling up with him.

"Tiring, annoying, frustrating, but it turned out to be okay. I met some people who are going to get back to me about something."

"What are they getting back to you about?" Alex asks worriedly. 

"That's for me to know and you not to unless it all works out,"

"Did you meet any nice ladies? Ones that don't act like 15 year olds even though they are 40?" My dad and Alex give me a look but Dad smiles. 

"Actually I did...."


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