Fateful Night

Who would have thought that one night could change everything? After he comes across a scene to remember and helps Casey escape from a rape, Harry is hopelessly confused as his whole world has turned upsidedown and he finds himself falling for the unexpected love. Both Casey's and Harry's P.O.V in this story. Comment down below what you think and give suggestions :) Favorite and like this and I will update more :)hope you enjoy


18. Splash

Harry's P.O.V 

We finished up eating and were about to leave. I took one last gulp of my drink before we got out of the booth. Fans were crowding around the doors of the restaurant. Since all the boys were here, we drew more of a crowd today. Cameras flashed. "Do you guys want to come over?" I asked. "Sure" Louis said "yeah sounds good" Zayn said too. "Just follow behind me" I said. We walked outside. The girls went crazy, screaming and taking pictures. We got through the big mob, taking some pictures with fans and saying hello. We got to our cars and left. Casey got on with the boys really well, actually. I think they liked her. I looked over at Casey. She was futzing with her seatbelt trying to get it to buckle. She was getting frustrated at it. "Casey" I laughed. I reached over and flipped the buckle the other way and clicked it down. She blushed and put her face in her hands. "I'm stupid" her voice muffled through her hands. She looked out the window and laughed at herself. Liam's at was behind ours. The rest of the boys were behind Liam, following us to the house. I pulled in my driveway, and they all parked on the side of the road next to the house. We all got out of our cars and walked up to the front door. I pushed the door open and let everybody in before me. I closed the door as everybody found a place to sit. All the seats on the couch were taken. I didn't have anywhere to sit, so I walked around to where Casey was. I squatted down land sat on her. She screamed and laughed "Harry!" "Yes, dear?" I said back. "Get off" she said trying to push me off. "What? I can't hear you" I said leaning back on her. She squealed and pushed me off to the side of her. We all squeezed in on the couch. It was a pretty big couch but not big enough for seven people. Eleanor leaned into Louis. I sat with my leg kicked up, my 
ankle resting on my knee. I put my arm around Casey. Conversation started again as we all spoke and laughed and smiled. Zayn got up. "Where's your bathroom?" He asked me. I pointed to my right and said, "down the hall, first on door on the left" he nodded and walked in the bathroom. Niall scooted over into the newly introduced space on the couch. Eleanor looked over to the fully windowed wall. She got up and walked over to it. "Wow, that's a beautiful view" she said looking out over the waves. "Yeah, it's a private beach" I said. "Private?" She turned around and looked at me. "Private?" She said again. "Yup" Casey said. "Can we go swimming!" She said excitedly. "El, we don't have swimsuits" Louis said to her. I stood up. "Nah I have a lot of swimsuits here" I said. "Yeah, and you have a couple swimsuits of mine too" Casey said. Zayn walked back into the living room. "What'd I miss?" He said. "We're going swimming!" Niall said, hopping up. I walked into my room to go get swimsuits. I grabbed 5 pairs of swim shorts for me and the boys, and the bikinis I bought for Casey. I came back out and dropped the swim suits on the coffee table. I gave Casey the same one she wore last week, and Eleanor, the unused one. The boys all grabbed a pair and took turns changing in the bathroom. Casey changed in my room. I opened the linen closet in the hallway and grabbed a bunch of towels for everybody. I tossed one to everybody and we headed out. Liam opened the back door and everybody ran down the steps excitedly to the beach. I was behind everybody else with Casey in front of me. When we got down the steps to the sand, everybody darted out. We dropped our towels in the sand and raced each other to the water. Liam picked Niall up and threw him under the waves, crashing down on him. He popped back up and shook the water out of his hair. We splashed each other and dunked each other. It was just a really great time. I turned around and saw Casey and Eleanor walking out of the water. I sploshed up behind them and picked them both up, one girl in each arm. They screamed as I carried the out back into the waves. I let Eleanor go and Louis swam up to her. Casey was still firmly in my arms though. I moved her in front of me and wrapped my arms around her waist. She put her hands on my face. I leaned in to kiss her. She pulled my face in towards hers and kissed me roughly. She was so hot. I was completely taken by her. Her wet, slippery body was latched to mine and I felt my dick start to get hard. I didn't want that, and I had to do something to stop it. I dropped her in the water and swam away. "Harry!" She squealed. A wave crashed into me and washed me back to the shore. I got back into the water before anybody could see my hard on. I acted like nothing had even happened and swam around and over the waves casually. After a while, everybody got tired of swimming. We walked out of the water to our towels. We left them in the sand, so we had to shake them off before drying ourselves off. Everybody walked back up to the house and raided my kitchen, looking for food. The food job ended up getting pinned on me. I made everybody grilled cheese sandwiches. We all ate outside on the back patio, looking out over the ocean, talking. After we were done eating, everybody changed back into their clothes, and left.

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