Fateful Night

Who would have thought that one night could change everything? After he comes across a scene to remember and helps Casey escape from a rape, Harry is hopelessly confused as his whole world has turned upsidedown and he finds himself falling for the unexpected love. Both Casey's and Harry's P.O.V in this story. Comment down below what you think and give suggestions :) Favorite and like this and I will update more :)hope you enjoy


17. Meeting The Boys

My phone buzzing and dinging woke me up. I grabbed it and looked at the time. It was 10:00 am. I saw a text from Harry. "Come over today?" He asked. I groaned, rolling out of bed and into the kitchen. I texted back to Harry on my way over. "When?" I threw the pantry doors open and grabbed cereal. I dumped it in a bowl and poured milk in it. I sat there crunching my cereal, and my phone buzzed again. "Whenever you want babe :)" he said. I smiled at it and replied back. "Okay :) I'll text you when I'm ready." Right away Harry replied back. "I want you to meet the boys today though, so don't take too long" My eyes widened and my heart fluttered. I was going to meet the boys! Oh my god I was so excited! I've wanted to meet them for so long. Years. I finished up eating the cereal and ran into my room. I grabbed clean clothes and dropped them on my bed. I hopped in the shower going as quickly as I could. I did my makeup and threw my clothes on, then dried my hair, and curled it. I wanted to look good today more than any. I took my time perfecting everything, from my loose, long curls, to my long lashes. I texted Harry
Me: I'm ready!
Harry: already!?
Me: Yes come on! 
Harry: alright I'm leaving now then.
Me: okay see ya in a few :)
I took one last look at myself in the mirror before I walked out of the bathroom, packing things into my purse. I dumped food in Henry's bowl and stared at the clock. I was way too excited but I couldn't help it. I pulled my phone out of my back pocket and looked at Harry's text. It had been seven minutes since he said he was leaving. He should be here by now where was he? I kept my eyes on the time. It passed so slowly it was painful. My door thumped loudly, making me jump. I waited for a few seconds before opening the door so it didn't seem like I was waiting there. I opened it and saw Harry's sweet smile. I stepped out and leaned in to hug Harry. "Hey babe" I said happily. "Hey" he said back. We walked down the stairs to Harry's car. He opened the car door for me. I sat inside and watched him slide across the hood of his car to his side, like in the movies. He smiled cheekily at me "did you see that?" He laughed. "Yes I did" I laughed. He buckled his seatbelt and drove out of the parking lot, to his house. Or at least I thought we were going to his house. When he drove past his turn I said, "Harry you missed your turn again" he looked over at me. "No, I meant to do that this time" I was confused. "Where are you going?" I raised an eyebrow at him. "We're meeting them for lunch" he said. Oh that makes sense. "Where are we going?" I asked him. "Some grill" he said. "I have the address in my phone, here" he said, handing me his phone. Alaska Grill was the name of it. "Cool" I said, handing Harry his phone back. We got to the restaurant and the robotic voice on Harry's phone said "you have reached your destination" we got out of the car, and Harry stuffed his phone in his pocket. We walked through the doors of the grill and saw Zayn, Niall, Louis and Liam sitting at a large booth in the corner of the restaurant. Harry walked in front of me to the table. Liam stood up and hugged Harry, as did everybody else. After Harry, the walked to me and hugged me. Liam squeezed me firmly and comfortably. I was so incredibly star struck. Then Zayn hugged me too. His hug was a bit softer, but I liked it. Louis came after, saying next to my ear, "hello love. I've heard so much about you." He said warmly. I remembered back to when I heard Harry talking on the phone with Louis about me, and the tv show last night. "Oh yeah?" I replied looking at Harry smirking. He blushed and scooted into the booth next to Liam. Niall was the last to hug me. It was defiantly true that he gave the best hugs. He was so inviting and kind. We all sat down in the booth. I was in between Niall and Louis. Harry and Zayn started engaging in conversation, and the rest of us joined in. "How's Perrie?" Harry asked Zayn. "She's doing really well actually she's recording for her new album now." He said warmly. "What about Eleanor?" Liam chimed in asking Louis. "El? She's just in the bathroom right now" he said. I gave a weird look. How would Louis know she was in the bathroom? Maybe he was just joking. Harry laughed at me. "Why are you making that face?" He said. "I jus—" I didn't know what go say. I knew I looked stupid. "Never mind" I said. Taking all of the attention away from me, Eleanor walked around the corner smiling. "Hello" she said warmly. I think I was more excited to see El than I was the boys because she saved me from embarrassment. "Eleanor!" Harry said happily. "Harry!" She said back. He chuckled. "How've you been?" Niall said. "Oh I've been alright. You?" She said, squeezing into the booth next to Louis. He put his arm around her shoulder. How cute. "So, uh, how'd you guys meet?" Liam said to me. I knew how we met, but I'm not sure if I wanted to tell them that yet. I felt my self stalling, trying to think of something else to say. It didn't take THAT long but it was long enough to make me look really awkward. "We, we met at the grocery store." I said smiling. Harry put his face in his hands. Did I say the wrong thing? "Harry? What're you doing that fur?" Niall said to Harry. Harry looked up quickly "oh uh... Just kind of tired, that's all" he smiled naturally, and people went back to talking normally. "Well, Harry, you've met lots of people at the grocery store, what made Casey stand out?" Liam asked him. He paused for a second to think. "She was just really beautiful and bubbly and funny" he said waving his hand back slightly as he spoke. I blushed and pushed my hair out of my face, behind my ear. "Well how's your twitter?" El asked me, knowing that I probably received hate. "Ugh, it was horrible at first. It's a bit better now though" I smiled. "Well I know all about getting hate" she said sweetly. "Yeah it's really horrible what some of those girls say" Zayn said, taking a sip of his water. I looked at my menu, deciding what I wanted to eat. We were all casually talking, the subject always changing. "The last time I went to the zoo, I got to feed the giraffes" Niall said. "Yeah, I did that once too. Did you know they have purple tongues?" Liam said. "So do those fluffy dogs, chow chows" I said pointing my finger at nothing. "Those dogs look like lions" Zayn said. "They are the ugliest dogs ever." Louis said loudly. I threw my head back laughing. "No, I think German terriers win that prize" Harry said. "Germany also has the ugliest language" Eleanor said. "Mmm" Niall grunted "amazing sausages though" "Have you ever had the ones with melted cheese inside?" Harry asked. "That sounds really good" I said to him. The waiter came mid conversation. "Can I take your order?" He said to us. Harry ordered us an appetizer and everybody listed off what they wanted to eat. Niall and Harry traded spots after our food came so that we could sit together. I leaned my head on his shoulder and he put his arm around me as everybody continued talking and eating.

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