Fateful Night

Who would have thought that one night could change everything? After he comes across a scene to remember and helps Casey escape from a rape, Harry is hopelessly confused as his whole world has turned upsidedown and he finds himself falling for the unexpected love. Both Casey's and Harry's P.O.V in this story. Comment down below what you think and give suggestions :) Favorite and like this and I will update more :)hope you enjoy


2. His Crazy Ideas

Casey's P.O.V

I woke up completely buried in thick, heavy blankets. Where the heck was I? These aren't my blankets. I threw them off of me seeing this beautiful ocean view. What? Ow! I looked down at my hip. There was a huge bandage on it. What the hell? I was so confused. Then it all hit me. I remembered everything. Oh my god. Did last night seriously happen??? I threw the bedroom door open. The smell of bacon hit me like a bus."Wow that smells good!" Woops. I didn't mean to say that out loud. The guy that saved me laughed. I started walking dead in my tracks when I got far enough down the stairs that the guys face was revealed. Oh. My. God. Harry freaking Styles was standing right in front of me. How could I not realize that last night? Was I really In THAT much shock. Harry Styles just saved my life. I was completely dazed. I walked over to the kitchen counter and sat at one of the stools next to it. I just knew I was smiling like an idiot. "I never got your name" he said to me. "Casey" I smiled. He just stood there. He stepped back and leaned against he counter behind him. He didn't say anything. He just stood there smiling, barely smiling. How was I supposed to react to that? "So... Thank you. Thank you so much for what you did last night. I mean..." I fell silent. The room had no sound in it what so ever. My face fell. My heart fell. Everything just fell. I stopped being star struck and actually thought about what happened last night. Harry must have noticed because he moved the bacon off the burner and walked around the counter. He squatted down in front of me. "Casey, are you okay?" I shook my head no. I covered my face and I started crying. He took me in his arms and squeezed me firmly. I stood up and started crying in his shoulder. He stood there and let me, softly rubbing my back. He smelled so good. I couldn't focus on anything. I stopped crying and wiped my face with my sleeve... His sleeve. I was wearing his shirt. Harry went back to cooking the bacon. He dumped it all on a plate and poured me a glass of water. I couldn't believe how sweet he was being. But I appreciated it more than anything I have ever before. Who wouldn't. Harry came and sat next to me. We ate the bacon in silence. But he was still doing that barely-there smile at me and wouldn't stop looking at me. "Why are you looking at me like that?" I laughed. "Is it that obvious?!" Harry said laughing. "Is what obvious?" "How I'm looking at you?" "Yes! It is!" He kept laughing and I couldn't stop smiling at him. 
"You know what?" He sad. "What?" 
"We need to go shopping."
"Why?" I asked. That didn't make sense.
"We'll you bled all over your shirt and pants, and I got stabbed in the shoulder ruining my favorite shirt"
He said that last part with a little pout. "So come on" wait. "What will I wear? I don't have any clothes with me." Harry stood there thinking. He ran off into his room and came back with my pants and shirt. "Put these back on" he told me. "Bt you said yourself they were ruined..." "Just put em on!" I did what he told me to and he ran back in his room and came out with a plaid bandana. I didn't understand where he was going with this. But he walked up to me and tied it around my waist, covering the rips and blood. It looked weird but I guess it's better than nothing.  He seemed really excited. I don't know why but he hurried and got his clothes on. " wait... I don't have shoes." I said realizing I lost them last night. "What? Why?" He asked sounding kind of worried and also impatient. "Because I kicked them off last night so I could try to run faster" "hmmm" Harry ran off into his room one more time and brought out a pair of flip flops. He dropped them on the floor next to my feet. "Harry!" "What?" He said confused. "These are huge!" 
"Ugh! Well I guess shoes will be the first thing we buy then"
I smiled. He was so sweet I was so happy about everything. He made me forget that anything even happened last night. He picked me up by the waist and pulled me up and out the front door. I screeched, I wasn't expecting it and he touched my cut on my hip. He readjusted his grip knowing he would hurt me. I held on really tight and right outside he car he put me down. He opened the car door for me and let me in. He walked around to the other side and hopped in the car, put it in reverse and drove off.

Harry's P.O.V

I felt kind of bad about grabbing her gash, but I don't honk she minded to much. I said sorry still when I got in the car. I started the car and backed out of the driveway. I tuned, heading for the mall. We were only driving for a couple minutes when Casey looked at me. She kinda smiled. Was she mocking me??? "What are you doing?" I said with a smirk on my face. "I'm you!" I knew it! She was mocking me. I started to laugh and after it faded, I felt her tense up. "What's wrong?" She hesitated to answer at first "it's just, I don't know...." We were silent for a second. "Just why are you doing this?" She asked me, her voice barely audible. "What do you mean?" I asked her. "I mean you don't have to do this and you know it. Why are you?" How do I respond to that. That actually makes a lot of sense. Anybody else probably wouldn't do this, so why was I? "Um... Well, I think after what happened, you deserve a little bit of kindness." That was a shit answer I know... But, why was I doing this? "Well thank you" she said. For just about he millionth time, but she was genuine and sincere.

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